Funcom please respond with a hotfix ETA reply - here is a review of all recent game breaking bugs

Yea of course they do, but crashes can happen for a ridiculous amount of reasons and if you look at the patch notes they fix a handful of crash causes every update :man_shrugging:

As someone who often helps people identify crash causes, trust me, it’s not that easy to track them down…
But when you can finally give a clear report on them with a proper cause, the chances that they’ll end up fixed is much higher.

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Posting your fantasy desires (revert an obvious pay 2 win storage size) as a bug is hillarious.
The arcane curio wasn’t exactly cosmetic in nature, was it?

Well… in your case it was a very “creative” interpretation that had absolutely nothing to do with what I said :slight_smile:

Yes, generally a bug that still allows you to play the game and is isolated to something optional, is going to be classified as low priority… and that’s not me “belittling the bugs”… it’s how all development teams around the world operate… (some just have more money and people to throw at their bug list)

However, I never said they won’t get fixed… they will… eventually…
Like do you honestly think that Funcom wants their game having problems?.. that’s kind of silly to assume. I’m sure if they somehow could, they would instantly fix all of them…

But even low priority ones eventually get around to being fixed.

For example… the Yamatai chest piece having the material glitch… that was in the game for like a year… because it was low priority. There are plenty of other armors in the game, you can still log in, play the game… move around… do all the other stuff.
Why would they focus on that one as high priority? :man_shrugging: But as you can see eventually they got around to it and fixed it…

In any case I’m sure we’ll see a hotfix soon for other, more serious issues and they might throw in some fixes related to the current chapter (like those merchants etc)

Like they fixed the NPC fall through issue, or the push off not pull up on a ledge issue, or any number of legacy bugs that have been reported ad nauseam, yet not fixed.

They actually massively improved that not too long ago, so it’s clear that they’re working on it.
That one’s actually a very complicated one though and there’s no easy fix…
The ledge climbing has been massively improved as well in the same patch… have you not been playing lately?

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Like taking NPC thralls. Oops, there goes another one.

Looks at list of legacy bugs Whats the time frame for “eventually”?

It had a glitch? Never noticed, never effected my game, never tripped over, never cared, but hey it’s fixed. I have armor shoes my toes have stuck through since the DLC dropped, filed a report then, filed a report a year later, filed a report just recently guess what

Before the next chapter? I’m pessimistic.

It’s a bad collision mesh. To fix it would require redoing the entire mesh. So they are fixing the mesh around a few villages.

Same issue, bad mesh, bad animation. And yes I have been playing, and how long has it taken them to even start fixing this issue? it’s man hours, who wants to pay a model artiest to completely redo the game mesh?

This is my problem, how long are we going to have to work around, play around these issues before they are finally; if ever, fixed?

TBh, instead of reducing space just bump the cost of mats to balance. Win win imo.

Sometime reducing is not the answer for a “nerf”. Even weapons could be adjusted with cost to craft or increase stamina usage. But the “easier” fx and reduce damage i guess

@GodlyVoice how in gods name is it one of “MY” fantasy desires??? Lol!!! :joy: did you even read the context of that post? I simply was feeling empathy for those who paid for it only to have it suddenly nerfed. :laughing: :rofl: :joy:

I don’t even own it or have the dlc for it. I’m trying to speak for everyone here. Lolll you just want to pick a fight. Go play Conan, there’s plenty things there to pick a fight with! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This happened to me as well, but it was more like about that the “buy this and that button” did not work correctly. Sometimes helps to close the layout and try after while. Sometimes reloging into the game works as well.

I doubt it’s like the buying is not working AT ALL, you just did not try any other way yourself, when it was not working at the moment. You just see a problem, click few times, nothing happens and you immediatelly go here to “report” it without even trying something common and retry it. Not saying it’s ok it is apparently buggy in some way, but you still can do whatever you think about, so it won’t necessarilly ruin your in-game experience, until they fix it.

To the rest you mentioned:

You can go and fill bug report about this one specific thing, it might get attention, so they look out what to do about it. But it won’t work this way you wrote the main text - bulleting x problems without using the template. You need to be direct and fill one bug report for one problem. And also avoid adressing things you would like to change in the game as bugs. This way you did it now your thread only gets confusing and I doubt anyone from the dev team would pay attention to it.

Side note, I’m thinking the merchant issue may be an issue with communication with the server. I did finally find a merchant that gave me an issue, the Archivist oddly enough.

Running out of render didn’t help, nor did relighting. Spam clicking the transaction pushed it through.

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I haven’t experienced the issue since the most recent patch.

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That I tried too, just spamming and clicking (managed to buy 2 black blood sickles this way accidentally), but at least I found out that it is doable, there is just some problem about it. The other way was logging off and in back again, the best with direct connect.

I can’t say I have either, but I am not drawing my weapons till mt feet are on the ground now. So fixing the weapons draw trigger seems to have fixed this issue. But not all of them, there are still ledges in the unnamed city I push off rather then pull up. I’m thinking it’s because the top edges jut out a bit, meaning you are starting to invert; be upside down. When I go to pull up I just fall off.