Funcom, please, stop nerfing Sorcery :/

These things have nothing to do with lore, it’s because of the cost in effort. Rather than making the dungeon uncheesable through climbing or sorcery, they just say “screw it, you can’t do this”. That way, they don’t have to spend more time on designing and testing that aspect of the dungeon.

Bear in mind that players are incredibly creative when it comes to finding loopholes, exploits, cheesing strategies, etc. No matter how hard they tested whether the dungeon is uncheesable, someone would find a way within 2 days of release :stuck_out_tongue:

Note that I’m not trying to justify their decision, but merely to explain it. I would rather have a cheesable dungeon than gimped sorcery. :man_shrugging:


It’s…weird. I have been playing one on a server for a while now and going back to a normal build on another server seems strange now because I don’t have access to the spells at a whim and I can run and combat for days it seems. It’s definitely not for everyone but those that like more options in play at a cost of effectiveness of the older play…it’s a fun worth it. I will say that I don’t carry leather pouches on me in the frequency that I do burlap and cloth. There just isn’t the reason to cast those 40 corruption spells just on the fly like the others.

I would say that sorcery’s purpose is to cheese out something. You don’t go through the trouble of star metal anything to be limited to steel weapons damage levels and yet this appears to be the strategy of sorcery as it plays in CE. Can’t wait till someone wakes up and recognizes how much crystal you can collect in the spider caves with mass cull.

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i run the full auth sorcerer build. It lets me level up 2 thralls, and i can faceplant because of the sharwd dng perk, 1/4th hp perk,1 time quick heal perk, and my favorite while in base with clan mates, the mule kick perk. I dont use the actual sorcery, just all the sorcwry buffs. And i am on pvp lol.


Personally i wouldn’t mind if they made some things sorcerer use-only, like the zombie thralls (requiring at least 20% corruption) and the teleporter requiring a T4 sorcerer thrall active at the stations in order to teleport to and from them.

That being said, i have a feeling Funcom might be approaching sorcery and further future implementations the same way they are approaching pets. Rather start off a little too weak and bump it up a few notches gradually, with the worst outcome being they aren’t attractive enough to find regular use, versus accidentally implementing something so powerful things need to get band-aided rapidly which usually translates to an ill-balanced and researched fix, due to time pressure and potential losses incurred on the player base. Like what happened with Lightning Storm, a lot of forum posts were about it being too powerful, people lost a lot of progress too easily at a low cost to the attackers, so they quickly had to find a way to keep Lightning Storm in the game but lessen its destructive power to an acceptable degree.

Doing quick impromptu fixes usually already take a fair amount of time, and pushing fixes for consoles costs quite a bit of money each time it is done from what i understand, so it’s better to make as many changes/fixes/implementations in one go to assure money isn’t disappearing into the Microsoft/Sony black hole with small updates and fixes, due to costs associated with doing so each time as opposed to pushing something sizeable through in one go for less of a cost.

This also allows for more time for the player base to do what they inevitably will do (test balancing, find glitches/exploits and state their desires) and analyse their changes thoroughly.

In the last bit is where the devil is in the details. Thousands of players will inevitably find something that a select few experienced and/or professional playtesters may not find in time for the team to anticipate on, or have a proper reaction to in time before a set deadline.

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THATS AWESOME! I tried something similar and liked it but I gotta have my lich build and that requires corrupted vit 15.

Devkit disagrees. Still does 200-500ish damage to players and NPCs and 6,000 to buildings. That hasn’t changed. The only thing that changed was it doesn’t clip through buildings and do 100,000 damage in a 3x3 area.

The patchnotes are misleading because there is no actual base damage. The damage is determined differently by what is struck. And the two main portions of the Lightning Strike are unchanged.

Because the frequency of strikes was increased as well as reordering the priority of what is struck, the DPS of Lightning Storms on direct hits was actually increased.

A bug was fixed and the spell was actually buffed.

What is interesting about the bug in question is it was probably similar to the multi-hit bug on Lances. And only affected servers with slow down issues. Its why finding out what was going on was a pain in the butt, it wasn’t easily reproduceable in singleplayer or in well running environments.

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Forgive me but when i read base damage reduced i assume that in someway theres a reason they put it in.

Seems like a waste of time to add it to the patch notes otherwise.

Dont have access to the dev kit i play on a ps4
So i can only go by those patch notes.

Finding the sweet spot for sorcery is probably long in the future.
Right now, with precious few exceptions, it simply isn’t worth the supreme hassle.
This exceptions being things like corpse recall, teleport circles, shallow graves, and illusions with the occasional ice bridge or bad bird ride. But even then, some of those require existing corruption to activate. Such a nuisance. An easy to accomplish nuisance for a dedicated PvP clan.

Removing it from dungeons was… Non amusing and ranks up there with not entitled to loot this body, and cannot climb here, for immersion annihilation.

This one’s favourite annoyance is summoned mounts.
When this one needs a disposable mount, it is because they are in the field and either found a pile of resources or suddenly have a reason to ride home quickly. Possibly from an area that would basically insta-gib a mount otherwise brought in.
This is a spell that, to be useful, needs to be cast from the wand, not at a craft station.

Combat spells… They just aren’t there when it comes to utility. Lightning says it strikes more often. This one hasn’t seen it. But this one has noticed the lowered damage. The Magma Wall. Bad joke. Isn’t magma. Magma kills the fool that touches it quite quickly. Should be called shard wall or something. The obstacles are… Situationally useful, but so rarely as to not justify all the baggage.

Harvest resources is good.
Possibly the best for actually doing something useful or quick.


You have access to it, you just can’t directly benefit from anything you make in there. Doesn’t stop you from taking a peak though. Just need some sort of PC with internet access.

the numbers may say one thing, but functionally it is waaaaay weaker on bases reality wise. 1 storm cant even topple a small sandstone shack now, and before, i used it to destrly whole walls of t3. Get off three storms and you would thing og Jhebal hit that base. Now it is just pathetic and a fancy graphic.

Well yeah its going to look weaker. The bug allowed the storm to destroy anything it touched by clipping through to the ground. Like multi-hit lances, its not coming back.

i am okay with that. It shiuld yweaked though to have it be viable as a way to weaken structures. as it stands now it has no real use, and requires max corruption. Not a balanced cost.

Maybe a way to balance and add use is have it do about 3x current damage, but treat it like a god, where the caster is stuck in animation “controling” the forces of nature during the duration of the storm. Being as i could summon it and then fight normally while it did the old damage added to the op nature.

An important question: who cares if a dungeon is cheesable?

Its not like there is anything important in dungeons. And the game should have an emphasis on pvp anyway.

Why do you say that?



How about we turn that around?

An important question: who cares for PVP?

It’s not like there is anything important on PVP servers. And the game should have emphasis on PVE anyway.

Do you like the sound of that? If you don’t, would you be so kind to extend the rest of us the courtesy of not proclaiming your own gameplay style as the only thing that matters in this game?


I’m all for PVPers getting for content.
As much as I personally do not like PVP (and to an extent, how it makes PVPers act towards others), I’m all for PVPers getting more content.

BUT. I do wish some PVPers wouldn’t act like they’re the only ones who deserve content and that they’re the only ones that stuff needs to be balanced for.


We can already cheese the AI without using sorcery by running past them. With invisibility it doesn’t look as dumb at least.
Defeating bosses for the final loot is the solution.


Lightning travels to ground. That means through things. It has an affect on everything it passes through. Not sure why that should be changed.

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