FUNCOM please with new update fix big bug in the game (change clan name to avoid player finde you)


For Example:I creat clan with clan name “Clan 1” i make nice base and start war vs other clans,i raid them to, and they wana revenge to me.After that i just edit clan name,no leave clan,just edit the name to “Clan 2” and start new base and finish.On end players on server searching “clan 1 base” while im hinding behinde clan 2 name.I can use both bulding.Again example, start game with clan name “night is dark” i finish base then i just edit clan name to “nice day” and finish second base, i have 2 base with deferent names easy to hide from other players.They will always search for clan name that they see on player list they never finde my other clan name base.


you need to fix this fast and to set when someone have base and change clan name and start new base to automatic on old base update name from new clan,to not stay old clan name on old base

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It’s only like that until server reset… after all bases will have the new name…

Plus you can just go to player list and see what the clan is currently called if anyone from the clan is online

But yeah, I kinda have exploited it sometimes. Just remove the door, change clan name, put up new door and change clan name again and you’ll be “hidden” for the day

Yeah. and clan system needs improve to too

When you raid someone, your name and clan name will be displayed in the log. If you change your clan name the enemy can still find your new clan name when you are logged on by looking at the player list.

If anything, FunCom should remove clan name all together from buildings and also remove player name and clan name from log.

For sure, we need a permissions system to make doors, stations, and storage only accessible to certain users/ranks and for it to decide who can see who on the map (even though I want tracking gone altogether).

Just because you join someones clan doesn’t mean you should be given the keys to the castle.

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Yes and make clan rank who can take stuff or destroy or build. They need make clan rank doors with room they can enter ect for make sure they don’t take all thralls

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Adding more management options would definitely get me to consider clanning. I don’t now because I’m a solo player and don’t know anyone playing, I’m not about to hand over access to everything to some stranger.


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