Funcom Points issue


I recently purchased 6000 FC points for one of my accounts. After seeing older posts stating that purchasing points from the new site didn’t work properly I went to the old account page to purchase. Upon waiting a few minutes, the payment went from pending to approved and I assumed my points would be available. I logged on to one of my characters expecting to see points available, only to find they were not applied. I looked on your new account page and it says payment is still pending. So please tell me, which page is correct?

Just give it 24hours or even more. Sometimes for me it depends where I am and what CC I use. Lets say when I use my European CC in US it takes up to 3 days to get my points after the payment is approved. On the other hand when I use my European CC in Europe, its instant. That works the same way when I use my US CC.

Just wait I guess.

Thanks, I’ll wait it out for a while. I live in the UK and I paid in euros, so going by your experience, it should have been instant.

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