Funcom why is this allowed?

Official Server 1977 Pve Conflict South America
players blocking pass,will not some measure be taken?

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We’ve patched up a lot of different holes and buildings that shouldn’t be built around or on in the last couple of patches. Thank you for the report. I’ll forward this to the developers in case there isn’t already a bug report on this!

Edit: As I mention below in a more recent comment, I went in game to check and didn’t really see anything that would be terribly bad about placement here. You can go around just fine and there’s nothing inside being blocked.


It’s going to be so boring when nobody can build in caves, tunnels and other structures… not to mention the buildable areas will be much more crowded and the server will be that much more laggy. All because of you whiners who didn’t think it was fair to have a completely raidable base.


It is not a matter of crying my friend, the question is, that there are points that are passing and the people have mania to do base, several routes in the game are harmful because of who builds like this, people have to lose the mania of wanting to screw with all.

Não é questão de choro meu amigo, a questão é, que tem pontos que são passagem e o pessoal tem mania de fazer base,várias rotas no game são prejudicas por causa de quem constrói assim, as pessoas tem que perder a mania de querer ferrar com tudo.


hosnestly, this one don’t bother me.


This path has multiple was around it its not blocking anything


It isn’t necessarily mania or malice when a group uses a cave.

If I create a base that runs through a cave, I reduce the areas where a purge can attack my base. I only have to guard amd position thralls in such a manner that the entrances are protected. I may not have even consider other players outside my clan. I simply want an easily defended base. It Would be no different than if i walled off a small island or the tip of a tall mountain. It is simply done for defensive purposes.

So yes it may hinder your travel but do not assume it is done in malice. Sometimes the best defense is the main reason.


Just go around to the right. You can even see the way around in your screenshot. I can understand being upset about some of the caves and structures you can build in but not this one.


Yeah I went into game to take a look. I was curious because at first I thought it was keeping people from completely going through. But from what I can see, you should be able to get around it just fine.


Whenever I find a base that genuinely blocks a route… not just one I can easily bypass… I keep raiding it over and over and over. Just keep hitting it again and again until the building moves or jumps server.


There’s a passage on the far right of the desert that leads to Black Galleon filled with the rock demons that a lot of people like to block.

I understand there being multiple paths to an area but having to pass through the jungle to reach Black Galleon is ridiculous! Even the stone bridge can be built in front of, blocking anyone from dragging thralls… I had to make a bridge myself open for everyone cause a douche blocked it. Some spots shouldn’t be possible to build in. The one OP is talking about tough is easily ignored as there’s numerous passages there to go back and forth.


That location near the Galleon is a bunker with a chimney. Great strategic asset, and making the enemy go around really isn’t a problem, if you’re dominant.

Same for this one. This tower is part of a perfect strategic holding, the base of which should never be built lest you want to tip enemies off. If enemies can just go around a short tunnel like this, why build on the ground at all? If they’d climbed 10 meters, nobody would ever have seen them.

Well on PVE and PVE Conflict nothing can be done to people blocking these passages.

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Nothing is blocked in this case though.

There is 5 different ways into the north near that position. The player is not blocking anything

boo hoo, are you mad because you didn’t get their first?

edit: sorry Crittter667 didn’t meant to reply to your post. was meant for diegovazm

Isnt PVE-Conflict unraidable? Maybe thats the whole point of the post guys read it first before trowing your salt around. lol .

Anyway it’s not blocking anything as the CM said.

I was talking about people blocking the cave/passage to Black Galleon and the possibility of building in front of the stone bridge there. If someone decides to build in front of it, you would be forced to either create your own bridge or make a wheel of pain close to the ship.


Oh thank god there is a feature in the game that allows you to climb! Dude, this isnt hurting anyone, run around the mountain.

And Funcom, stop blocking natural spots to build.

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Tell them to leave the PvP servers alone, we can remove these on our own.