Funcom why is this allowed?



nothing wrong with building here, there are however some places that do matter, for example you can block the spawn of the lvll 4 alchemists in the volcano aswell as build all around the volcano obelisk.


What if… (just an idea), like @Barnes said… you map walkable corridors on the map, call it Roads or whatever, and make those priority for the AI to walk (Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion had something similar to this).

If you make those in a way they’re sufficient to go from any point in the map to any other points, then you can launch an AI test probe that walks those roads and checks for blockages… if they find one, the server just spawns a high priority purge at diff 6 targetting that blockage, whatever it is…

A purge that doesn’t stop until the AI probe can pass thru and there isn’t any owned blocks (claim) in the vicinity anymore.

That way, maybe one clan can block stuff for a day or two… but there will always be a defense mechanism in the server to remove it.

Then you can prioritize map sections/spots according to importance… for example, give the obelisks and quests targets a higher priority than anything… next would be mayor roadblocks that could be easily blocked (i.e. thru-passes, caves, canyons, etc.) and so on.


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