Funcom you might want to get a Major update before May

Wasteland 3 comes out May 19 2020. A major update seems like a great idea. New features please. Sorcery,Settlement system or etc. Something better than a new dungeon. Some huge! Time waits on nobody. Games,people,buildings,animals and etc all in the end have to pay the reaper.

Have to google what this wasteland even is.


Must be the new fallout 76, the one game that would kill Conan Exiles. Lets wait for the next one.


I read the title and I thought he was talking about another game. Also comes out in May, but one week later than Wasteland 3.

Half of me hopes I like it. The other half hopes it sucks, because I don’t need another video game addiction, just when Conan Exiles is giving me a huge chunk of my free time back :smiley:


And people say Funcom has a problem with bugs…

Why would you compare Wasteland 3 to CE? it’s a very different genre


I heard torchlight III is launching this year, Funcom better run with those updates or they will be run out of the water soon TM.

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The PS5 is coming out this year too. I hope Funcom hurries because backward compatibility could mean a return of Hello Kitty Island!


Funcom better do something quick, because once Boyfriend Dungeon drops it’s all over.


I think we can all agree that Funcom does nothing quick. It is what it is.

There are several games slated for release this year that have strong potential to make CE a memory. They’re gonna have to pull a rabbit out of their hat based on their track record to keep CE afloat once a few of these titles release.

I’m not being mean or insulting anyone…just realistic and honest, as usual.

All joking aside, and I’m certain Bryan knows we’re just goofing, think for a minute what Conan Exiles would be like today. What would it be like if instead of Conan helping pull Funcom out of dire straits, this game was developed with the backing of a software and communication giant?

Mirror universe: Verizon buys Funcom in December of 2016 and Conan Exiles is rapidly, fully funded. By now, Huawei might be a thing Stateside, and every mobile handset would have a Shadowcast version of the game. Conan Chop Chop would be all the smartphone rage, and The Exile would be a hairstyle.


And my phone bill quickly exceeds $300/mo…

Well, the patch notes from January 30 said that it was the first phase of AI improvements. I’m guessing the next major patch (hopefully coming soon) will be this mysterious “second phase” of AI improvements (whatever that means).

Sure wish Funcom would talk to us and tell us what they’re doing.

Lol, these threads again.

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Guys this just in! New division 2 expansion coming this march, seens like the days of CE are shorter than we thought!

Yes! Daft Punk is also releasing a new album this year, you gotta do something soon to stay relevant, funcom.


It may get even worse for Funcom, I have heard from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend… of a friend, that someone might release a remake of Dora The Explorer in a grassland cutie survival version!!

With my luck this second phase of “AI Improvements” will mean that I logon and all of a sudden Thugra will ask if I know where John Connor is.


Lots of games releasing this year. Lots of games released last year, too. And the year before. I don’t have any evidence on 2021 but I’m willing to bet that there will be at least some games releasing in 2021 unless the world ends before that.

I’m also reasonably certain that for most of us here on the forums, Conan Exiles isn’t the only game we play. One specific title more or less among the thousands releasing this year is probably not going to be the straw that punches the camel in the face (wait, am I getting my idioms mixed?) for Funcom.

(Me, I’m looking forward to Wasteland 3, and Cyberpunk. I’m also wishing upon my lucky star for an English localization for Trails of Cold Steel IV. I’m even looking forward to Dune. But none of these titles mean I’m going to give up on Conan Exiles.)

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If I got money for every time someone said that “this game will kill Age of Conan” then I would be a millionaire already. This sentence has been said so often that it lost all its credibility in my opinion, AoC is still running, even with a rather low population.

To be honest, I have never seen any game getting “killed” by another, it’s mostly just the unhappy people who say this who would leave the game anyway, even if there was no big release incoming. Also, where are all the “WoW killers”, “Cod killers”, “Overwatch killers” or “battlefield killers” now? Obsolete for the most part, forgotten after just a few months. It’s really just hype for the most part.

Even if Funcom would quickly push a big update now it wouldn’t really change anything in my opinion, people who are interested in this new game will invest time into it no matter what, so a rushed big update could actually drive away more people due to bugs (people who would normally keep playing but get disgruntled by the annoying bugs due to rushed and sloppy work).