Funcom, you've over-nerfed

Healing changes were announced, you could no longer eat food+tea and become Wolverine.

Along with that patch, they provided other ways of healing (potions, food provided regen), and the healing waterskin. This item was much better than anything else avaible at that moment, and it was kind of going against the main purpose of the patch, which was making healing a harder thing to pull off.

People immediately noticed the item and started using it, especially since a huge crowd was not happy about the healing overhaul to begin with. So for many, that item was their savior.

The item was removed shortly after, and now its one of the things that we will never forget that happened, like the Lifeblood spear and the momentum update.


So consoles didn’t ever had this item, correct?
Do you have any info please about this bear ghost?

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The main problem I see with Funcom is if they have an item, or class (in other game, not this one obviously), or whatever you wish to pick and it needs to be adjusted because they made it too powerful they do not understand how to do that. Look at it as a scale of 1 to 100. They put out an item and it’s power level is 100. Well, 100 is just too much. So instead of tweaking it down to maybe 80 so that it’s not massively over powered but still useful they drop that **** right down to 30 and make it useless. I get that certain items such as the axe with crit was way the heck to strong in pvp. Ok, so make it’s crit only apply to npc’s. Still a useful, even powerful item for pvpers farming in dungeons for gear/whatever as well as pveers. Instead they made it useless except as a decoration item. I am ok with thralls dealing far less damage to players than npc’s but I know they will just nerf thralls into uselessness if they ever touch them. That is just the way Funcom has always worked.


I’m pretty sure that the item was introduced along with the overhaul. Sadly i can’t help you with the ghost bear :frowning:

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on top of that, there is another lower rarity item that also has 30 power, so they become basically the same, the only difference is that the (previously 100) one is fancier looking :rofl:


It’s right there in the post I linked to:

I interpreted that as “Okay, this change was both too hasty and too unpopular, we’ll need to think about it properly and decide what to do about it.”

The way I see it, there are three outcomes of that, in order from most likely to least likely:

  • They won’t have the bandwidth to come up with a proper solution. Because it’s not really a big deal, especially when compared to other problems Conan Exiles has, they’ll end up leaving it like that.
  • They’ll nerf it again later. Perhaps they won’t completely remove the karmic effect, but make it virtually useless. Perhaps the nerf will be overshadowed by even worse nerfs and problems, so people won’t make as much noise about it.
  • They’ll come up with a proper solution. They’ll either come up with an effect that keeps these items useful while mitigating whatever problem they thought the effect produced in the first place, or they’ll remove the effect but offer a better replacement (e.g. a better, less grindy source of repair kits on Siptah).

As far as I’m concerned, the proper solution is really simple. I never used the karmic effect in Exiled Lands, because I never needed to. The Unnamed City bosses provided all the kits I needed, and more. I considered Nemedian to be just another gimmicky item, added because someone asked “hey, wouldn’t it be fun if we […]”, but ultimately non-essential. Then I started playing on Siptah, and repairing legendary items became a serious problem. I was glad to see the Nemedian actually serve a purpose, and shocked to see it nerfed.

I heard about the healing skin from other players on the server. Everyone was grinding like crazy to get it. When people described what it did, I decided I wasn’t even going to try. There were only two things that could happen: either they would nerf it to uselessness before I managed to get it to drop, or I would get used to it and then get hit by the nerf. It was a lose-lose situation and the first time I realized I had become a fatalist when it comes to Funcom’s way of dealing with balance issues.

I don’t think I will ever “forgive” the nerfing of Lifeblood Spear. There’s no better illustration of what you’re talking about than that. There were so many ways they could’ve changed it into something that remains useful, but all of those ways required more effort, so they ended up making it useless.

And before some nuance-challenged chucklehead jumps in to tell me to look up the dictionary definition of “useless”, let’s not forget the context: there are other spears with much better combination of damage and armor pen and they drop more frequently (or can even be crafted). Given that, and the fact that the health regen effect of 1 hit point every 5 seconds is useless for all practical intents and purposes, there is never any reason to pick this weapon over its competitors.


I saw the ghost bear too. And an underwater chest that appears at the lake in the north-west (east from mounds). Same thing there, a ghost human is swimming and gets shot then slowly falls down to the ground of the lake where a chest appears that I could not open.

Since it’s Funcom, it’s simply bugged (my guess).


Because they do not play their game(s). At least that’s the conclusion for me.


Like actual life steal :smiley: (10% - 20%, maybe more, needs testing)

Seriously, that was the first thing I thought when I saw the spear’s name in the admin panel: “Ohhh, is it going to have lifesteal?”


I sincerely do not understand all this balancing either. There are so many things that make this game fun, slowly but steady they removed the fun with slot machine.

For crying out loud we are supposed to be the Next Conan the Barbarian, things that he confronted/fight were all easy for someone like Conan and his famous sword.

I am freaking Conan and nothing is impossible for me!

Back on a more serious Note, maybe this all “behind the scene” changes/nerfing has a reason for the near Future but atm i see this as cheap/not thought changes that took Conan Exiles back into Early Access.

To be honest i have knowledge of this ghost too, but if i remember correct i might open this. Not 100%sure however. More than one year ago my pvp clan had a base close to this spot and i had all the fish traps in this lake. Thats how i know :wink:. Still when i go for serius farming i choose North because of the iron and the resin. So i must tried to open this chest more than 30 times, omg. There are 3 or 4 more ghost chests in the game, it is a couple of ghosts appear and the one is pointing on the chest, theese have 90% chance to open because you might delay . Ofcurse the loot is low level but if you just join the server, having steel pick is a good gift :wink:.

I’ve run into these ghost chests before too. Sometimes they have loot, sometimes they don’t. I’m not sure how they work, but I have two guesses.

  1. The chest only has loot 1 time after server reboot. If somebody runs by and doesn’t open the chest, the loot vanishes until reboot.

  2. The chests work like the bugged vault chests on the Isle of Siptah. If someone doesn’t completely loot the chest then it bugs out until server reboot.

But the ghost chests always have mediocre loot anyway. So nobody really cares that much that they’re buggy.


This is the reason my dear friend @Caffeine I ask only for the bear ghost, imagine that I don’t play only on servers, I play solo too. Plus in the 2 servers that I play they are American and I am from Greece. That means that the one server is restarting at 12:00 and the other at 15:00. Every single time I am solo at the server. I have always a routine gathering fishes and filling thrall pots with food, or gathering the materials I put in working benches and placing them to their chests,for about 30 min I spin around my house doing several things. Still I am always solo at theese times. The bear chest never opened for me, never. That’s why I ask if I am doing something wrong :wink:.

Here’s my two cents:

  • Dodging - speed & distance nerfed (making heavy armor the ONLY armor) Agree
  • Food healing nerfed. Replaced with ‘Sated’ - I think it was too op to heal like that, now pvp fights wont take forever or until out of food, you have to plan battles more
  • Passive healing nerfed. ‘Soothing’ buff removed Same
  • Purge Thralls no longer mean anything, destroying people’s efforts. (the workstation ones) Agree to some extent but it had to be done, you can’t lock BASIC content behind purge thralls which are so RARE especially in game where you can lose everything in one raid BUT i think they should give special rewards for purges, something special and worth it.
  • Fish traps nerf Agree to some extent, now fishing is just annyoing and forces too much management but it was not good earlier either, it was stupid that you just had to put traps and that’s it - it hurted server performance like A LOT
  • Nerfing some attributes, while failing to fix others. Agree
  • Constant weapon nerfs (Yog’s Touch / Lifeblood spear / Maelstrom Light / Healing Waterskin / ect ect ect…) I don’t have opinion about that
  • Revamping of the crafting system, making people redo everything and creating more clutter. Yes it needs revamp, feature system is just annoying and also we need better management like categories etc.
  • Flawless prefix removed from equipment, without a replacement identifier (can’t tell bonuses without equipping it) Agree, instead of improvement we got downgrade, yet old flasless are still in game making even more mess…
  • Classic Thralls that don’t level, replaced with New Thralls that level. New Thralls more powerful, at first. New Thralls get nerfed back to Classic Thralls HPs. Now we have Classic Thralls that we have to level. (That’s just mean, Funcom) ?
  • Nemedian helmet and Godbreaker Boots will no longer repair (upcoming nerf ) Agree, those items were special, i wish there was more special items like that. Don’t know the reason they did it, it’s not like it was so op to repair items by putting it on thrall, getting legendary kits is easy anyway (weapon drops at unnamed, t4 armorer for armor)

Those Items will not be removed, hell yes to more “special” items. By adding some “pvp orientated” Items might even break the horse meta, something like “immune to crit”, “immune to knockdown”…knockdown might be a bit much :slight_smile:

Those Items can be left like they are a now in my opinion, just have them disabled for thralls… a change is coming though, i wait to see what they come up with :frowning:

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About this…
They don’t play their game(s)
I believe that you mean that they don’t play pvp :wink:.
I have watched several videos on YouTube presentations and it seemed to me that they did.
On the horse presentation it was Eric, Nicole and Andy. Well, they didn’t seemed to me noobs :joy::joy:. Scott Junior, in another video with Nicole (and their pets) said that he loves to play on RP servers.
You will say that nothing of these proves that they play the game, still I think that they do, but I don’t think the persons I just mention play pvp. Not because they wouldn’t like to but we all know how demanding pvp is, you must log in every day and spend a lot of hours. If I worked in a gaming company, I wouldn’t be relaxed by the most demanding game of my company :wink:.

The game has been too easy for FAR TOO long. It isn’t about how much someone plays. It is about skill and intellect. Some got it. Some don’t. Some enjoy a challenging game. Some don’t.

Fun is subjective. Some think easy games are fun. Others think easy games are BORING. Depends on the person. Great thing about Exiles is that people that cannot hack it can go to one of the plethora of private servers that dumb the game down for them.

All great balance changes. In fact I think they didn’t go far enough.

Not true. Purge thralls still give higher crafting speeds than other thralls. So YES, purge thralls STILL mean something.

Another good balance change. Passively getting an infinite amount of fish was ridiculous. Also this change reduced much of the fish trap spam which is healthy for server performance.

Again more great balance changes. You want that highly efficient production line? Yep you gotta pay for it. And the new stations are great for aesthetics too.

This is just pure winging for the sake of it… Just equip the armor and look at your stats… geez…

One sided argument. Thralls had stats nerfed BECAUSE their AI was finally upgraded. So yes when their AI was improved, they were totally overpowered and needed to be brought in balance. And to say the new thralls have the same HP as the old classic thralls is simply NOT true. Stop exaggerating. I am still rocking pets and thralls with 10k to 20k HP which was NEVER possible with classic system.

Good. Those items are far too easy to acquire for how powerful they are and negate the need for repair kits.

Only to some people. These changes and more have brought people like me back to the game.

Funcom needs to stick to their guns. They are finally getting things right with the balance of this game.

They do.

Im just going to rofl After this. Sorry but the intelect mention Made my day. Thank you.

The game is and it really is however you want it to be. I’m freaking Conan im the game, everything is easy for me…to bad the whores are not there too…

PS: Again this guy with “game is to easy”.


How about fixing stuff instead of listening to players like you. This to easy, this is to overpowered, this needs to go because of being OP. All this time the devs time is spend in the wrong places.

You need to understand wikkyd, pvp is slowly dissapearing and only because the devs focus is set on to please a certain category of players( pvp or pve) instead of fixing the game itself for all of us.

Edit forgot to add cheaters and that they have been here from the start…they are still here only because the devs are pushing new content(maybe for longevity…maybe requested to do so) instead of Getting rid of cheating…

Tear apart the dudes Post as much as you want, we all know who you are in here, but that does not mean you are right.

Fun is everything about gaming, if you take it differently then you are just another “wannabe” with very low chances of success.