Furnace Name and Use Suggestion

Consider renaming the ‘heat-efficient’ fuel devouring furnace to ‘Blast Furnace’

Consider making this ‘blast’ furnace, which consumes fuel at a ludicrous rate, a furnace which produces results not only faster, but generates more finished materials for lower required raw materials. As it is now, aside from speed there is nothing beneficial about this furnace vs the basic furnace.

Example: instead of 1 iron bar per 1 iron stone, perhaps 3 iron bar per 2 iron stone, or 5 iron bar per 4 ironstone, or something similar.
1.5:1 or 1.25:1 ratio


Consider using the option of renaming anything to your liking :slight_smile:

Oh, I do that anyway, but that doesn’t change the name in the build menu or description. :wink:

Yea. A lot has been changed recently, I suppose they are focusing on making sure the newly revamped cores of the game are running as they should.
In that regard I find the descriptions and even the item attribute bonus tooltips not being a priority.

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