Future Stream Content - What do you want to see more of?


Hey players!

We want to do more with the content we stream to our Twitch and Mixer channels going forward.

At the moment we’re using these channels to showcase upcoming game content for Conan Exiles, AoC and SWL, celebrate cool stuff made by the community, and sometimes play a game or two with members of community, but we also wanted to know if there was anything you felt was missing in terms of streaming content?

Do you want to see more of our own games? Do you want more chill streams where we play whatever we feel like and interact with chat? More focus on community creators, streamers and mod creators? More playdate streams where we play games with the community? Something we haven’t thought of that sounds like a fun idea for a stream?

We appreciate whatever feedback you can give us, not just about the Conan Exiles streams but about streaming content you’d like to see from Funcom in general.


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More funny tshirts (and have @Tascha wear funny tshirts from time to time (or a hat). (add a caption to the fashion police number ) (its refreshing TBH)

i would like more details of what is being cooked. hint us about new dlc, without telling us what it is. show bases and structures.

have a modding contest! focusing over cosmetics … more involvement with the community is always a win ticket. :slight_smile:

HAve a wonderful happy monday!


Hey, I have tons of funny/geeky t-shirts. I just didn’t want to copy @Jens_Erik’s idea with his fun shirts :smiley:


I would think they might clash with your beautiful body art! :sunny:

Personally I would like to see more hand-to-hand combat, more siege warfare with bombing by Aleksander (like at pre-launch lol) and it would be great for you to descend on an Official Server and cause some trouble.


Some ideas from the top of my head:

1 - Join random official servers, and scour the land to see what people have built. Maybe even reward them something for the time they spent making cool things in the world (if possible).

2- Promoting, and showcasing mods. Can boost the modding community to make more varied content, and also maybe giving you some new ideas on things to implement in the game.

3 - Theme events with the community and/or staff members. Maybe a building contest, or who finishes x dungeon first.

4 - Random story telling of things you encountered in the company games. Can be your own, or from other players.

5 - More Q/A focused streams. Helps the community by informing them of the current state of the game they’re playing, and also helps you identify new possible things that have not been listed on the forums.

Hope they are of any help :slight_smile:

I always watch your streams, albeit when it’s ended (From europe I’m not sure the exact time you start streaming, and sometimes I’m busy doing other things).


Personally, I do not care to see the stream support/focus on individuals. It makes me feel less important to the team.

  • I would like to see the stream team land on random servers and engage with players that are on those servers.
  • Team could invite players from a live server into a private combat and provide a gift to them for being a good sport. This would show off the combat features while being interactive with the playing community.
  • With the pet update coming, the Team could schedule a hunting stream to show case that there are baby critters out there and how they might be collected and tamed.
  • Some How-To streams might be appreciated as well. Using a trebuchet isn’t always as simple as it seems. Giving players hints on how to build and/or destroy walls, towers, outposts would encourage players to try new things in hostile environments. (Having a stone-ball fight could work here. Build a stone fort similar to that done in the snow and throw explosives, set bombs, launch trebuchets at one another.) This will show how much fun mutual combat can be. It doesn’t have to be off-line raiding.

I like this idea as well; however, I would add to it that the questions should be asked on the forum so the Team will be better prepared to answer them completely. There could be a Ask the Stream Team post where players can post a question they would like answered. The Team can choose the questions with the most likes or address them all.


I would also like to see purges in their livestreams with players as guests helping them if possible. As it would be fun to see different scenarios with thralls defending with dlc armors for example.


Segmented Streams
I would like to see Streams contain multiple segments (short portions) so that its not ‘all or nothing’ for a stream.

  1. Maybe 5-10 minutes of upcoming content (“sneak peek”).
  2. Maybe 5-10 minutes of “Fanworks” (showcasing some base building, construction technique, armor combinations, or a mod or two that enhances the CE experience).
  3. Maybe 5-10 minutes on current bug fixes: what issue is being addressed, how is it messing up the game, and how is it being fixed. Something like, a short interview, (maybe pre-recorded) like 5-10 minutes, with a representative that is helping move the game towards the polish we all desire Conan Exiles to have (give the community a chance to see what’s going on behind the scenes).
  4. And maybe 5-10 minutes of the top voted on questions the community has (like a monthly poll in the forums - Questions for the Month) about CE. (And with you all having ‘veto’ rights on those submitted questions so that upcoming content doesn’t get announced too early or redundant questions get put together or even ignoring ‘inappropriate’ questions). By doing a question poll each month, it also encourages community involvement in the development and interaction between players and developers.

The above “times” (‘5-10 minutes’) are arbitrary divisions to help get an idea of what I mean. Of course, different segments may require tweaking for time frames depending on the content. But that’s the basic idea.


These are some really great ideas.
We do have a lot of things planned but it’s great to see that we are on the right track going forward with more focused streams, too :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the input so far!


if you forget to bring your funny tshirts or funny hats, then i am stoppiung playing conan exiles altogether… you have been warmed


oh i am sure those tshirts will look a lot better than it does to @Jens_Erik (sorry jens its the whole truth)


I would like to see your development process, possibly during working hours, maybe show us how you handle bug reports and how you handle bug fixing.
Just anything that revolves around Conan and not playing fortnite. tnx


We stream from 5pm CEST (Central European Summer Time) every other Friday. :slight_smile: We announce this in the weekly newsletter and also do a reminder post on Facebook and Twitter on stream-day. :slight_smile:


I Seccond @Bodin post.

However if you also could use 5-10 minutes to through the suggestions list also. And maybe give a little bit longer status on the Cut Status.

oh… and Friday 5 pm CET = Beer to drink. Not water. Cheers !!!


I feel like the beers have become a staple of the streams at this point, so I don’t see a reason to stop drinking them :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would rather not see people getting drunk.


Especially in the game since there is a big stamina and a poisoning debuff (I think) though if you have a cure all on you and use it the buffs from getting extremely drunk do come in handy.


Most of the energy and giddiness you see from me on stream isn’t really due to the beer, but I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable watching the streams.


Just don’t stop wearing funny shirts, and start making Tascha wear hers too. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s just a shame you can’t spark a doobie on there. Not that I do anything of the sort. No, I say just be yourself. That is what makes those vids. I am not the general population though. I am just one. But I do have dragonbone weapons so even alone I can kick some ksjd!!! And I have hops. So drink away my friend.