G-Portal Mod Bug

Game mode: PVE-C Online PC
Type of issue: G-Portal less mods showing up
Server type: PVE-C
Region: America East New York

My server is The Darkest Hour.

I have 17 mods in the list. All updated and activated. Game client is updated.

My friend said from his laptop only 8 mods are showing.

Why is that and how do I fix it?

This is a G-Portal issue. Write a ticket to them. However, they are already aware of this and working on a solution.

I’m writing one now.

fucom tickets, yeah. G-Portal is a service booked by funcom, not owned by funcom. As much a nice guy as Ignasis is, I doubt he will write a ticket to GP for every user who experiences a GP problem.

I hope you know that I have edited my reply to you?

Now I see it. Sorry. Anyway, they credited me an extra day of account time. So I hope you will get one, too.

I restarted my server updating all mods. I see 17 listed.

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Appears to be fixed. A few hours ago a restart just deactivated random mods and also I couldn’t change the order they were loaded it. Works now. Sweet.

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