G-Portal - Ps4 issues

Small List of things I can’t get to stay or figure out… (Private/Pass worded server)

Stamina Cost Multiplier wont stay set.
G-portal has it listed at 0.5. (stam run at 0.5)

I’ve reset it to 0.6, 0.4 back to 0.5 (took server offline, made changes, turned server on and restarted it)

It will not stick. And its one of my Biggest Pet Peeves… Other 2 allowed on server (private friend family only server) Are not happy about this as well.

I can not get it fixed.

In-Game, Its listed as 1.0, I changed it other day (in-game, and it took effect…but have since been un-able to click it past 2 days) (as it reverts to 1.0)

Voice Chat… G-portal itself doesn’t make it clear how it works.

The “Global Chat” is set to off? I you figure turning switch to green…would turn it on? But instead prevents all voice chat.
I’m mute… not something I can test. They on other hand, walk 10 feet away and can’t hear each other… Once I turned Global on, they lost the ability to use voice chat.

Google bring up PC topics and wiki which lists ~ Commands. (Ps4 has 0 keyboard function for ~ commands or chatting) (only works during typing on signs, clan names, and what little spots you can name stuff)
There no clear marking in game how to switch local and global chat.(as non of PC commands work) I flipped global back to “off” I guess and set Local range from 5000, to 50,000 and hopfully if they get on this week they can try it.

#3 No build zones. Single Player doesn’t suffer from this outside “inside” locations and Sepimuru.
Crap ton of Locations in Private Server are locked out, Oasis, outside of caves and locations…
Anything near a World Boss or NPC camp etc.
There seems to be zero options to Opt server out of this so its like Single Player.

Theres a few more mini ones… I’d love to get these 3 sorted. As those 2 are 100% new to this game, I’ve been trying for a LONG TIME, to get them to update game and play. And G-portal sale was a nice trigger point to hang above them that I payed for a server. XD

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Stamina I have set ingame before when gportal site didn’t stick. However we set it…point 1 we have been using psn chat. Read a post to set the server chat to 0. I am at work now. Have some real life things to do when I get home happy to check into things tomorrow or maybe later on tonight. EST

I will experiment on my server later and see if I can figure out some of this. I play on another private server and can ask the owner questions.

Was on gportal a few minutes ago I see what you mean on stamina. .6 .5 etc. If want to reduce stamina cost more change stamina multiplier. Gotta go server’s down.

I manage to get “in-game” to read 0.5 stam usage. G-portal says 0.6

so /shrugs…

I guess to add to list.

#4, Sand Storm… This trigger like every 30-40mins… I could give everyone sandstorm masks… or they can keep spamming little building up and down river.

I ended up turning it of… The fake sand storm is cool as hell… but real one rolling in every hour was just… OH COME ON…
The blue eyes are killing the 2 newbs non-stop, XD

at 5000 range and 50,000 seemed to make no differnce… inless its in mm’s or pixals distance. XD

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The sandstorm is messed up occasionally gets us in our house. Does look seriously cool though. I have the imp king wandering around 3 H or so didn’t expect him there. Are they having fun getting killed. Bedroll bedroll bedroll.

My server showed up in pve yesterday not working repaired and restarted several times got it back to pve-c finally. My wife woke me up because it wasn’t online morning brain didn’t help. The only thing vocal visibility only seems to effect distance other players see each other in player list. We put our headphones and tried talking to each other didn’t work but I know that I been close to people before and you can hear them. Are your friends using party chat?

No, PSN shows your in Party Chat, when both of them …lets just say. COD Cold war is out… and they kept having peeps show up telling them to go play cold war.

Or were doing the whole CoD. insert alot of swear words in background while they were playing.

Again, Not super familer with party chat. I took a glance and didnt see a way to keep it private.

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The new psn update has changed things I see I can’t find the private chat feature. Looks like you could set to server only then people on server should be able to talk. Found this app might be helpful. Will send pictures.

Let me know if it helps. :sun_with_face:

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