Gambler's Soul or Cold Silver Dice? How to Know Which Luck Talisman is Best for You

When comparing Gambler’s Soul and Cold Silver Dice, it’s not immediately obvious which talisman is the best choice without knowing how the damage of the former scales or how much extra Energy from the latter improves damage output. Let’s elaborate on how each talisman operates. From this knowledge we can determine their ideal effectiveness.

The Gambler’s Soul and Cold Silver Dice have a chance to proc their effects with each critical hit. But, as with all such effects in Secret World Legends, they abide by two rules:

  1. An effect cannot trigger more than once per second.
  2. An effect only triggers from direct sources.

By “direct sources,” I mean the damage or healing that comes directly from an ability cast, not secondary damage that might be applied from an ability or be the result of meeting specific conditions when the ability was cast.

Since these talismans share Critical Hit Chance as their variable in triggering their effects, the comparable value of each will remain the same as long as they both share the same variable. It is then essential that we estimate how much damage per second we can expect each talisman to do for a given weapon. Let us use an example. The Chaos Magic Power ability Breakdown has a coefficient of about 3.43 Combat Power and the Basic ability Deconstruct has a coefficient of about 1.18. To determine the normal value of a single point of Energy, we’ll subtract the damage of Breakdown with that of Deconstruct and divide the difference by the cost of Energy:

(3.43 - 1.18) / 5 = 0.45

This is how much more damage a single point of Energy spent with Breakdown is dealing over Deconstruct. We’re making a couple of assumptions here:

  1. That whenever Energy is not being spent, damage with a Basic ability is being dealt.
  2. That Energy will always be spent and never over-caps.

Gambler’s Soul deals 0.25 Combat Power and Cold Silver Dice has a 30% chance to generate one point of Energy whenever you land a critical hit. Since the normal value of Energy is not affected by Critical Hit Chance and Gambler’s Soul and Cold Silver Dice both share the same variable—that of Critical Hit Chance—it matters not how much Critical Hit Chance one has: the relative results will be the same. Which talisman, then is superior for Chaos Magic? For the sake of our illustration, I’ll assume a Critical Hit Chance of 50%:

  • Gambler’s Soul: 0.5 * 0.25 = 0.125
  • Cold Silver Dice: 0.5 * 0.3 * 0.45 = 0.0675

In this example, Gambler’s Soul will always be, on average, at least 85.185% better than Cold Silver Dice, no matter how much Critical Hit Chance there is. In fact, one can use an inequation to calculate how much the normal value of Energy must be for Cold Silver Dice to be equal to Gambler’s Soul:

0.5 * 0.25 > 0.5 * 0.3 * x

x < 0.8333

Which is to say, the value of Energy must exceed 0.8333 for Cold Silver Dice to be greater than Gambler’s Soul. It’s worth noting that the average damage to be had from Cold Silver Dice, using this mathematical approach, is under the best conditions. Failing to spend Energy or generating more Energy than one can have reduces its potential and may require that a weapon’s Energy value be greater still than 0.8333 for Cold Silver Dice to perform equally well.

I created this Google spreadsheet as an overview for how these Luck talismans compare for every weapon with commonly used Power abilities and their passives. The Energy values in the equations for Cold Silver Dice take into account Legendary 20 Basic and Power signet modifiers. (For more information on how the Energy values were arrived at, consult Smyrill’s Spreadsheet.)

Weapon/ability Gambler’s Soul Cold Silver Dice +/-
Pistols w/ Dual Shot and Fatal Shot 0.125 0.05796100001 115.66%
Blade w/ Swallow Cut 0.125 0.07148537501 74.86%
Blade w/ Tsunami 0.125 0.0759031875 64.68%
Shotgun w/ Point Blank Shot 0.125 0.080048475 56.16%
AR w/ Burst Fire + Stability and Slow Burn 0.125 0.2274348182 -81.95%
Elementalism w/ Mjolnir + Passive 0.125 0.0790056 58.22%
Chaos Magic 0.125 0.05771541 116.58%
Fists w/ Maul 0.125 0.12603072 -0.82%
Hammer w/ Obliterate 0.125 0.1543752525 -23.50%
Blood w/ Flay 0.125 0.0143349375 772.00%

From these results, it is evident that only Fists, Hammer, and Assault Rifle have the potential to most benefit from Cold Silver Dice. All other weapons gain by far more damage per second with Gambler’s Soul.

Players who obsess over each incremental increase in their damage output may be tempted to agonize over which talisman to choose if they are intent on being most effective with multiple weapons. But everyone should be made aware that, no matter which talisman you decide upon, the effects inherent with these talismans will be about 1 - 2% of your overall damage, and the difference between one effect and another a fraction of that. The KSR-43 Assault Rifle and the Pneumatic Maul Hammer are the two exceptions in which the Cold Silver Dice would produce a significant advantage. Unless you aspire to use either of these two weapons at the exclusion of all others, you will benefit most from using Gambler’s Soul.


This right here, this is hardcore foruming and why I’ve missed a forum.

Thanks for doing this analysis for us on the Discord the other day, and for preserving it though this post, @DumbOx :smile:

Weapon/ability Gambler’s Soul Cold Silver Dice +/-
Pistols w/ Dual Shot and Fatal Shot 0.125 0.0633611 97.28%
Blade w/ Swallow Cut 0.125 0.05194076 140.66%
Blade w/ Tsunami 0.125 0.06315940001 97.91%
Shotgun w/ Point Blank Shot 0.125 0.07973166 56.78%
AR w/ Burst Fire + Stability and Slow Burn 0.125 0.2274348182 -81.95%
Elementalism w/ Mjolnir + Passive 0.125 0.07891281 58.40%
Chaos Magic 0.125 0.05771541 116.58%
Fists w/ Maul 0.125 0.129333804 -3.47%
Fists w/ Primal Instinct 0.125 0.134478804 -7.58%
Hammer w/ Obliterate 0.125 0.1539109725 -23.13%
Blood w/ Flay 0.125 0.0351729 255.39%

I made the table DumbOx has in his spreadsheet here for easy reference. (@DumbOx feel free to copy it into your post if you want to)

Also regarding AR, Pel (I was given this link and hope it’s okay to share your findings) has made some tests with KSR and MIRV, and if you’re a MIRV Havoc user Gambler’s Soul seem to pull slightly ahead:

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@Nordavind Thank you for creating a table out of the information from my spreadsheet. I had wanted to make one myself but I didn’t know how.

The spreadsheet you have linked was created by Pel. I might have also cited his spreadsheet, but I was not sure I had permission to share it.

Just a little heads up on the energy figures on Smyrill’s spreadsheet. As a pistol user I noticed that the value for Dual Shot was a little off. The cp value of Dual Shot with Fatal Shot should be 3.65 rather than 3.76 as Fatal Shot’s damage is not affected by signets.

Only has a small effect on the numbers, but it puts Gambler’s soul slightly further ahead for pistol users. And the name also fits in perfectly with pistol :sunglasses:

Good catch. I updated my spreadsheet and table to reflect the right value for Pistols. Looking over the rest of the numbers, they seem accurate as long as you ascribe to the same assumptions as Smyrill does for evaluating a weapon’s normal Energy value.

Interesting read. Assuming one is using a shotgun Mainhand (and thus Odds and Evens but not Point Blank Shot) would that weigh into the decision any since you are weaving more basics into the build than other weapons?

Two factors to consider here: the number of basics (as you stated) and the energy value (which is quite low for shotgun, especially with odds & evens). So gambler’s soul is indeed the way to go for luck talisman for a shotgun mainhand.

40-50% of your casts on shotgun probably are basics…cause when you get 70% plus why not use it to it’s fullest.

I already bought the Cold Silver Dice and have it at blue 8. Should I buy the Gambler’s Soul still? I use Pistols/Blade.

If you intend on using Pistols, Gambler’s Soul will be the superior choice. You could store your Cold Silver Dice in your bank in case there comes a time when you want to use Assault Rifle or Hammer. Whatever you decide on doing, however, know that the difference between the two talismans probably won’t be noticeable unless you go crazy and abandon pistols in favor of a KSR-43 or Energy.