Best In Slot Healing Occult Talisman

So, we have this for healing - the new occult talisman,
Which states:

When you or your group members kill an enemy your CRITICAL DAMAGE is increased


Then we have this, which is currently listed on the spreadsheet as the Best In Slot for both DPS & Healing
Which states:

When you or your group members kill an enemy your DAMAGE is increased


Is this DAMAGE in the Razor Fossil the same as CRITICAL DAMAGE in Million Likes, lacking the word CRITICAL in the description or is it something else?
Because of the discrepancy in the description, I find it unclear.

Some people I have talked to, have also said that they don’t think the Razor Fossil DAMAGE boost is the same type of boost as the Million Likes CRITICAL DAMAGE boost.

Their reason for thinking this is because the healer doesn’t apply damage, therefore the DAMAGE boost on Razor Fossil becomes void in its use for a healer and they would then choose the Million Likes.

So is it the same and the description just lacks proper description or something else?

The Razor Fossil does not increase crit damage, just damage, simply. However, as per usual, Funcom’s tooltips being as they are, in these cases, critiical damage also means critical healing (for the 1M likes), which in general is referenced by “critical power” instead to encompass both; and as far as the Razor Fossil goes, the increase in damage actually also increases healing as well.

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Aha - now that makes more sense as to why its then listed as BIS for healing.
Thank you.