Healer big heal crit

Does your regular crit chance affect your big heal crit chance?

i think its crit chance are only improved by empowered mending (not sure about the name, it’s a silver healer aa, top left in that section) and t5 runes.

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Right. That’s what I always thought. So I guess that going for 240 heal rating + combat rating chaos gems on a Bs is better than the crit gems then?

Nah, you get so much HR on bear shaman it becomes trivial, you want crit gems for dps as your internal bleed also crits, paired with exile rune its good synergy.


This is a good resource to show you HR into Actual Healing.

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If you want 7k healrating, go for that 240 extra healrating, but a decent geared/skilled tank doesn’t need it. As long as you know how to use blue/green/bigheal/celestial gaze 3.5-4k healrating is enough and everything above is nice to have. Considering that you use visions in 75% of the fights, healrating gets even less interesting.

And always keep in mind: more damage results in shorter fights and the best “heal” is a quick kill :wink:


You love to see it.

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I agree about getting crit gems in the rings but I thought your regular crit chance/damage did work on the big heal and so with the t5 rune (which I don’t have) you’d get really consistent big heal crits (like 50% of the time?).

But really never cared to test any of that. I’ve always adopted the philosophy of doing as much damage as possible on my healers to make the fights shorter anyway so never had too much interest in AA heals. I’ve been looking at it a lot more closely with my ToS recently though and I’m even working on that 7k heal rating set (how often will I use it is another matter).

The only time I ever find myself dipping into max heal rating is when solo healing stuff like last boss in chaos or after 50% on the rocknoses healing the DT on the sandstorm side boss.

Otherwise its visions to dps race the mechanics so less healing is required.

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