RF Ring Selections

What RF rings are DTs and Bears currently going for? Str/combat or Wis/heal? Is the heal eating a huge waste on a DT to get that magic damage? Also, same for Bears—go for wis/heal or str/combat? Does wisdom do much for Bears?

Wisdom is a useless stat for bear shamans.

If I’m not mistaken, there is a ring tailored for bs’s, with strength and heal rating.

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there are also str + combat + heal rating rings tailored for shamans
and i agree with Zaldar : wisdom is useless to shamans

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As a BS I personally wouldn’t go for the pure strength ring, it only got 2 DPS more than the BS ring which got 315 healrating more. So you can go for a overall more DPS oriented armor when having this ring since it makes up so much of the healrating.

What about DTs? Are high-level DTs still going for the magic dmg?

I haven’t seen many DTs with wisdom rings to be honest, most run around with strength or prot rings, my DT got one prot and one strength ring.
The protection ring gives almost 200 protection, 300armor and 90 constitution and you can even add DPS to it in form of gems so for tanks it’s probably the best ring out there, especially if your overall gear isn’t that great yet.

sorry to bring this oooold thread up, but I need info about rf ring for hox: I know I have to chose between one with intelligence and one with strenght cause there are no other choices, so I was thinking on one and one but I have shard for ust one, which one first? and right or left one for it?

Left Ring: (Mystic Atlantean Relic)
Right Ring: (Illuminating Atlantean Catalyst)

Both of them are the intelligence + magic dmg ones, which you should get on hox.

So about what order to get them in…
You can either make it very simple, or make it more complicated so here is how I would do it

First of all, prioritize getting a ring on both fingers first, and then fill the gems in from there.
Now what gems would you like to get and in which order (there is not really a correct answer here)
Personally I’d probably go either Divine Gem (left) or Occult Gem of Intelligence (right) first and second. (Probably divine first, specially if you lack hit rating too).

So then you have two gems left. Either +crit dmg rating, or +const. A lot of people would say it’s obvious to pick the dps version here (+crit dmg) however, getting +480 hp to a rather squishy class isn’t a bad idea considering if you’re in other AoE fights you can play without having to put on other defensive accessories. But then again it depends a bit of what kind of content you plan to do I guess. In the end though, it doesn’t matter that much.

So short summary:
Get two intelligence rings (make sure you buy one for left finger and one for right finger)
Probably divine+occult gems first
Fill the last two slots on the order with your own preferance.

Hope this helped you out, cya in game :smiley:


Thank you so much with quick and exaustive answer!! :slight_smile:

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Yes always go for intel/magic damage as t4 armor which everyone goes for due to RF has tons of strength about 540 to be exact that nets you 1500 combat rating

Plus it has 1800 CR already on so that’s over 3000 CR just from the armor! plus HoX specific accessories from arena and Choas have high magic dmg and combat rating but most of your spells are affected by both. most bosses minus T5/T6 have low protection so damage from Intel/magic dmg is priority

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