Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Asia]

I’m currently making a lot of Reinforced Stone Foundation (RSF) for leveling purpose, it gives me around 15k EXP per piece. So I check my exp number very often, but when I checked it last time it’s -10k to next level, and I’ve been making quite many but still haven’t leveled up. I kept making the RSF but it still wouldn’t let me level up.

Turns out I’ve been making the RSF from HOTBAR and it won’t give me exp that way, if I make it from crafting window in inventory, it gives me exp.

I haven’t tried other items because I make this report immediately, but I bet it’s also bugged.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make ONE RSF, put in HOTBAR and place it so it will leave a greyed out icon in hotbar.
  2. Now check exp and keep the number in mind, make another RSF using the hotbar and see the exp isn’t increased.
  3. Now make another RSF but this time using crafting window in inventory. It will give you exp.
  4. end.

This has been an issue for a while, hopefully they have it in scope for the large bug patch they’re working on.

There are reports of this happening on console as well.

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Good to know that many people are reporting this.

I’m currently leveling from making structures using hardened brick which will net me around 9k-15k exp per piece. I wasted quite a lot of exp because I often build from hotbar.

Is this bug seriously dated September 2017 ? how many exp were wasted by the tens of thousands of people during 9 months period

I expect it has existed since day 1 of EA, but I don’t know for sure.
There are still other bugs from around that time as well.

yes ex, since day 1 indeed.
But calling that issue a “gamebreaking” bug is bit too much, don’t you think jsteamid?
This is one of the bugs we can work around, and pretty easily too.

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Yes using the redundancy of crafting the building object in inventory to get the XP for crafting is fine for the moment, just like the “F” and “Q” key not looting all items in a human corpse. You just have to hit “E” and you can loot all with teh space bar in PC.

Maybe, but i like to call it gamebreaking so the devs would be aware of it. This bug made me waste a lot of exp, I often create structures from hotbar and only noticed it just yesterday. The fact that it’s been around that long makes it even more gamebreaking because people not getting their exps as they should.

And I think I found another bug, my fishtraps aren’t catching any fish, it’s working fine for two days, now it wont catch any. It should even work when I’m around it, I can usually see one or two fish inside already, but they’re all empty now

the bugs you’re talking about are all well known issues.
look here before creating a new thread:

hmmm…so after every server restart I have to re-create the traps, I remember getting disconnected two times and it was not my internet connection, also when it happened I immediately trying to relog and the server was not appearing in the server list. That counts as a server restart then, and I have to rebuild the traps, what an inconvenience :frowning:

And knowing that bugs can live happily for almost a year in this game kinda like saying take it or leave it. and since I still like the game I’ll take it but it’s really annoying especially that I have to walk down like a minute or two to my traps location.

btw is there any other way for getting ichor fast other than from cooking fish ?

spiders/scorpions(especially the giant ones)/locusts

conan is this way, full of bugs and issues.
You deal with it or wait half a year to play it again.
Don’t get me wrong i’m annoyed by that as well, but these 2 bugs are easily worked around compared to the current bad AI and the purge triggering conditions.
HF !

But you should stick to unsavory fishes imo, even if traps are bugged…

LOL yea I kinda figure, I just checked the wikia and the best way is still fish even though it’s bugged.

I just go clear a spider cave with a pick when I need ichor. You can get hundreds pretty quickly.
You’d have to wait a while to get that many from traps. I’d go back to traps after they’re fixed.

Too bad I’m too far from the spider cave. I live northwest near Dalinsia Snowhunter T4 fighter.

Placing fish traps seems to be bugged as well, can put double on the same spot, it also ever happened to me when placing chest. I count the 20 fishtraps placed on the ground as only 17, so there are 3 doubles.

And just after I placed 20 fishtraps, a few minutes later, got dc’ed and the server is missing from the list. I’ll check whether my fishtrap will stop working later.

@roro4066 you’re right, my newly placed fishtrap wont trap any fish after the server went down :frowning:

btw is this included in the 500 bugfixes ? if not then that’s too bad, a good game with long standing bugs is really bad.

And I just placed 20 of them traps… >< I think I will put a thumb down in my steam review for CE until this bug is fixed, I’m usually against putting a thumb down for a game that I actually play but knowing that bugs can live for months, no hotfix, no announcement, no nothing I’m very disappointed. The game played me a few times. I also ever be spawned at desert area after my char died while still carrying my stuffs. Took me 15-20 minutes to go back, and I was forced to walk from desert to northwest because the stuffs I carried also stay in my inventory after death, it happened like three times. So many annoying bugs.

At least they got rid of the arrow stuck in hand, right? :smile:

((Though, thinking out loud… it’ll probably come back if they backtrack on not being able to hold on to arrows before shooting :stuck_out_tongue: ))

20, that 's quite a lot… i guess you just have to use 100 other twines/branches and do it all over again lol.
But what is sure, is that soon you’ll be swiming in a ichor river with that many traps:wink:
BTW, note that the further you go away from your traps and the longer you’ll stay far away from them, the faster they will produce.
Personnally, i’m glad that for 1 single time there is a bug on multi that i don’t have anymore since i went back to SP. Usually it’s the other way around, SP has bugs that you don’t find on multi. traps are working in my SP game:-)
dalinsa is pretty strong; but looks pretty bad imo…you’d better run to the volcano if you agree…and if not berserker thralls are always a better option than dalinsa imo, that’s personal though…
Anyway, have fun!

Yea I need lots of ichor for exp by using them for making Reinforced stone structures that give plenty of exp like 9k-15k per piece.

I’m not actually here for Dalinsa, I moved from the desert area to here for leveling purpose, but thanks for the info.

Are you building in reinforced stone near the forgotten tribe? just curious…
black ice is easier and faster to craft imo, and i’m not sure but i think the amount of XP is equal, so if you craft these for XP purpose…
And why are you so eager to XP quickly?

not sure why he’s so eager to level but he is correct on reinforced pieces being the most efficient and fastest way to level in the game that i know of.

Black ice foundation = 3545 exp
Reinforced brick foundation = 14546 exp

since you get little exp for discoveries and journey steps after the exp nurf anymore :frowning:
I wouldn’t go so far as saying this bug is game breaking as there are plenty of others out there right now that make it nearly unplayable but…

I’m not quite familiar with location names yet, I’m still around 2 weeks in the game, that’s why I mentioned Dalinsia Snowhunter because that’s the ‘landmark’ or notable npc I know for that place after checking CE interactive map.

Xp means level, level means unlocking weapons, stats, feats, etc, and I read opening chests needs lv 60. Killing NPCs here gets around 4500 exp per kill while also gives steel bars as loot and steel bar is needed for making Reinforced stone structures. So, I get exp killing npcs and get materials for yet another exp method.

And also because my base structures (sandstones) were partially destroyed by purge the other day, luckily they seem to only destroy structures not the working stations where the steel bars and other stuffs are.

@Princess I didn’t know about Black Ice structure giving less exp, thanks for that info. I gain lots of info by just talking to people in forum as much or probably more than playing the game lol, and yea I read we can level to 60 in just 2-3 days before the nerf, now it’s grindy, but in a good way I prefer it like this than just wandering aimlessly for leveling.

I labeled it as gamebreaking because it costed me so much exp, I built lots and lots of structures via hotbar for nothing, multiplied by the tens of thousands of CE players that also don’t know, there is so much wasted exp caused by this bug and the fact that it’s been like this for 9 months and not fixed, it deserves to be called gamebreaking so the devs would notice and fix it in the next patch.

btw I notice there are a lot of thralls in the area, and they were there guarding a base which is now destroyed. There was a huge base with Reinforced stone materials standing a bit over there near my base but now it’s gone and the thralls are scattered around. Since we can only take 1 thrall at a time to follow us, these thralls can be said are useless. It’s “polluting” the area, will there be any update that any of you guys know of, regarding these abandoned thralls ?