Game breaking hacks and a history of silence & inaction

Nah. He ain’t saying anything wrong, or even controversial. You, on the other hand, got salty because you got banned and decided to spam every single topic you can find with your conspiracy theories.


EDIT: This is getting better and better. This guy just created a thread where people are being rampantly racist.


How much life do you give him in this forum, before he is banned from here too :joy::joy::joy:, wanna take bets?

You gave me a chuckle on that one.

Let’s not give the guy anymore attention. He’s trolling himself at this point.

Not long. He created a thread filled with rampant racism. If that doesn’t get him banned, nothing will. :face_vomiting:

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So you say that there’s way to loot locked vault without even destroying it? That’s even more gamebreaking than i thought, on official or even private servers.

It’s fine to yell at us or about us but don’t be racist. Cleaning up some posts in the thread.


Because its Funcoms game, and they provide the servers as a place for people to play, so they should be policing them?

Or should they use your logic in all the issues? Using chairs to undermesh only affects the pvp crowd, so why should the pve’ers pay for the changes?

Thralls being very strong only affects the pvp crowd, so why punish the pve’ers with the nerf to them? The same with all the other weapons that got nerfed after they were released.

Point is, the official servers are Funcoms responcibility. Inaction against exploiters sends the player base a very wrong message…and claiming “just go to a private server” doesnt fix the issue. There is broken content allowing the exploiting, and people that use them. Both need to be solved, not ignored.

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Yes. This occurred on official servers over a year ago and caused them to initiate rollbacks on multiple servers, the first time I’ve ever seen them take action to undo damage done by hackers. They can loot locked containers, chests or vaults, without it showing up on your event logs. I’ve both seen it done in front of me as a demonstration, over a year ago, and now in the last few days had it happen to multiple vaults of mine on official PVP.

It’s game breaking. Server ending.

There’s literally no reason to touch officials any more after this, because not only can it happen to you at any time, but Funcom doesn’t restore items that are lost to hackers. So you get screwed on both ends.

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No one is questioning the responsibility that Funcom has. What is in question is priority. Undermeshing, thralls, and issues of officials are not a problem for 6/7ths of the playerbase.

So yes they should use my logic and go a step further and shut down officials. Because lets face it, they’re a drain on revenue. Because otherwise you’re going to tell me the few hundred players are spending money on DLCs every month to account for thousands of dollars it cost to run?

I don’t see it.

At this point I agree with you, just close ALL official servers, now it’s just unplayable mess, cheaters playground and it wont change - atleast spare frustration of new players / other people. The problem is that they probably have contract for who knows how long but as soon they realize that the better it is.

So a counter question, if people are going to mod and alter the game for private servers, why does Funcom even bother to provide content for them after launch? Want to dual wield weapons? Mod it. Want tougher bosses? Mod it. Want dungeons? Mod it. Building pieces? Mod it.

Why should Funcom produce content when modders and non official servers dont even use the base settings?


Bravo @Ruinous! After a longer time beeing absent from the game and the forum I read this OP and find someone formulating in respectful and decent words exactly what I have experienced. While I appreciate your positiveness in funcom ever listening to a wake-up-call regarding the cheating I do not have the hope any more that this will ever happen. The opposite is the case: It has been getting worse over the years.


What the hell @modderbeeingstockholmsyndromedandbarkingatofficialplayers??? You are still derailing well-formulated threads with your “close officials because I like privates” horsesh…? How do you not get bored in writing the same arguments over and over again? As if endlessly repeating would make a point more valid…
This has nothing to do with officials or privates. The cheater problem is more rampant in this game than it ever was. If this will not get better, the whole PvP-part will die out completely, and once officials are closed, privates will be infested as much as the officials are now.


I think you need to stop asking me questions you don’t want to hear the answers for.

But it is actually my hope that they cease developing this game once most of the major bugs are fixed. What this would do is allow the modding community to step in and get full reign. They wouldn’t have to worry about major updates breaking mods and they would have a stable base to work on.

So yes, I do wish they would shut down the servers. I do wish they would finish development.

I have over 4000 hours played across three steam accounts. Less than 800 of that is with the game unmodded. I finished the base game years ago. Funcom has no way of adding new content fast enough to sate what I want. Siptah was finished in under a week. Only the modding community as a whole can keep up.

Don’t we all want that… I wish they had stopped last year already though :slight_smile:

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so in fact you want the game to be dead… i strongly disagree with you and do believe that funcom can and will deal with these cheating problems. I have 10k hour gameplay, started on private server and switched to official. this game is great and has very strong potential still, its just a matter to have enough ressources to deal with the fix to do.

Dude, I grew up in the early 80s. All of the games I played had their developments cease on release. That didn’t kill those games. In fact SMB3 (the best selling video game adjusted for inflation) has not seen an update since 1993, and it is still widely played.

Saying the game dies because development is finished is ridiculous.


i grew up in early 70 and my first video game was pong in 70’s. obvioulsy the ball was bouncing as intended when the bar you was moving was right placed. and the score was not moving randomly.

games in past had serious QA and were not released before been totally finished.

i do no remenber to saw online games before end of 90^s, and all those online games had full support untill they died due to lack of players. glitch and bug started to appear with online game.

a survival online game where the company stop to fix the exploits and bugs become quickly a dead game as players goes away. i personally want this game to keep alive,and i think this is what the original poster of this thread is explaining very well.


@Ruinous, Sorry it took me some time before I start reading your post, it was huge dude and I needed time to sit, drink a coffee, smoke a cigarette, relax and read :wink:. Fantastic post, very civil, correct and ofcurce to the point, congrats and thank you at the same time. Thank you because this post represents the victims of this game totally, this is how I see it anyway :wink:. Pvp needs work, the servers need work, pve too. I believe however that some persons intentionally sabotage this game and the company as well. So many hack efforts, it seems to me that this game became hackers Playland. Pity, I really wish a solution will be found quickly before all the good players will quit this game. It’s funny how this game inserted our vains and running through our blood like a virus or alcohol :rofl::rofl::rofl: you name it, I don’t remember any other game in my gaming history to hold me that much. The damage is great because the staff should spend time how to bring this game to the stars and not how to find how their game was hacked once again, pity. We gain frustration, they gain complaints and their bosses reasons not to pay correctly, yes this is the world we live. Anyway, once again nice post m8, thank you :+1:.

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Thank you, your presence here is very appreciated :+1:.