Game breaking hacks and a history of silence & inaction

I’m going to preface this post with a picture to prove just how long I’ve been playing this game and how much time I’ve invested in it, not because I believe I deserve to be heard any more than anyone else, but because people tend to dismiss what I’m about to discuss as being something other than what it is.

So, here we are again. Yet another one of “these” threads. I apologize for how long this will be, however it can’t be said in a brief summary.

I came back this past year (2020) to Conan, after taking a 6 or so month break from playing official PVP servers on the exiled lands, when I saw that a new map was coming out. I had reached a breaking point after struggling endlessly to try to keep the server(s) I played on free from cheaters, a futile effort when to even this day, people store their ill-gotten loot on “body vaults” that disappear from the game, making it a permanent and invincible way to jump back in at any point with items that were potentially obtained by cheating in one way or another.

Isle of Siptah made me optimistic to play this game that I so love again. Starting on even footing with everyone, on fresh servers that haven’t been tainted by duplicating, was an appealing proposition, especially having read that there was some effort being made to stop meshing once and for all. Little did I know that Isle of Siptah would release without the mesh detection system enabled on it, regardless of whether it actually works or not.

For the last few weeks now, the server I play on has been overrun by hackers. The population spiked, and as a result, it started drawing the attention of good and bad players alike. We see the server being crashed numerous times a day (sometimes 20 or more times in a single day). People are becoming godlike because of their attributes being maxed out. Cave bases have become useless and abandoned because people either walk right through the wall to loot everything they can, or they raid your base from inside the terrain to make a hole to get in, bypassing your doors, gates, drawbridges etc.

Don’t bother actually trying to find those responsible unless you can cheat yourself though, because they build in the mesh. And even if you do find them, they’ll just crash the server repeatedly if you try to raid them.

None of this is new to me, though. I’m used to dealing with and compensating for these same old, tired methods of cheating the game. This brings me to the primary concern and reason for my post here today. A problem that goes far above and beyond anything else I’ve mentioned here so far. Flash back about a year ago, and some of you may remember a few nights where a hacker showed up on numerous official PVP servers, 1600 being one of many that he came to. He was showing off what he could do, and was trying to make some sort of point to Funcom.

His player character was larger than even a summoned god. He was speed hacking, running through structures and bases as if they didn’t exist, and most concerningly, this guy could loot from locked containers. I watched it happen with my own eyes as he showed off what he could do. He pulled all of my loot out of a locked vault and dropped it on the ground in front of me. Worse yet, nothing showed up on the event log when he did it. Zero indication that anything had happened, other than the vault being empty.

This guy did so much damage to so many servers that it caused Funcom to initiate rollbacks in an attempt to undo what was done.

The guy was likely banned and I had heard nothing more about it since then, assuming heavily that Funcom had dealt with the issue and fixed it so that it was no longer possible. How naïve of me to think that. Flash forward to now, and the same hack is being used well over a year later. One of the hackers on the server, only a few nights before, was trying to turn the server on the alpha clan by claiming he was leaving, as he had seen the alpha using speed hacks and looting from his locked vaults. “How odd”, I thought to myself, having not heard about this hack in such a long time.

I get on the next day and start looking for something in one of my vaults, when panic sets in. The vault with my T4 thralls is empty. It must be a mistake, I thought. Maybe I moved them. I started looking around at my other vaults and discovered numerous had been emptied. Months worth of work, of my time investment, gone at the click of a mouse, without so much as a peep in the event logs to show that the items had been removed. 30-40+ stacks of alchemical base, numerous arch priests, T4 crafters, archers and a T4 fighter, premade T3 building pieces, T3 building components, epic armor, reinforcements, metal bars, bricks, woods, T3 thralls, dozens of end game saddles, all gone. On a map designed to be more difficult to farm on, and much more difficult to obtain decent thralls on. And that’s just what I know for certain based on memory and looking at logs from weeks ago.

This brings me to my main point. In almost 6000 hours of my time invested in playing solely on PVP servers, I’ve been the victim of cheating more times than I’d care to admit. And every single time, you know what hurts even more than the time lost? Knowing that Funcom will never lift a finger to help repair the damage done. Sure, I can try to present 100% irrefutable proof through pictures and videos and hope that it’s enough to get a cheater banned. But the types of people that are willing to go to this length to get ahead, do their dirty work on secondary steam accounts that are completely expendable to them. Chances are high that my loot already got handed off to a “clean” account, and even if it didn’t, banning the offending account will just make them buy another and do it again.

After asking around in well known PVP communities, I’ve learned that not only is this hack still in existence, but people pay monthly to use it. It even has a cute nickname in the PVP community. Not just that, but people have tried fruitlessly to report it to Funcom over and over again over the past year or so since I first saw it happen. And yet to this day, it is still in existence.

Any time someone comes to the forums looking for answers as to why something odd happened, where loot disappeared or things were destroyed before the timer should have allowed it, they get immediately dismissed as either being mistaken, or it being some kind of bug. How many of those people were legitimately targeted by a hack of some kind, I wonder? Since unless I had seen this occur before my very eyes, I’d probably be one of those people thinking it was a mistake.

This long history of inaction by Funcom further exacerbates the issue, because innocent victims of players hacking end up getting frustrated that they get treated just as poorly by Funcom as they did by the hackers, leading them to start looking for ways to cheat as well. Violence begets violence begets violence can be replaced by cheating begets cheating begets cheating.

Why would these people stop cheating when the stakes for them are so low, and yet the stakes for the victims are so high? They know full well that even if they get caught, the damage will have been done and tons of their victims real life time will have been destroyed with no chance of getting it returned by those that have the power to do so.

What’s the solution to this problem? I don’t know. Being more proactive about fixing these sorts of things would be a start, because allowing such an absolutely game breaking hack to exist for this long is inexcusable. I’ve been the victim of this one in specific twice now. Thankfully, the first time, the server was rolled back to fix it. But since then, the cheaters have gotten smarter. They do it slowly, over days, instead of hitting everyone in one night, so that they know a rollback won’t be possible.

How many legitimate players need to be lost before it becomes a wakeup call?


You don’t have full achivements you are not worthy to listen to… Just kiddin :stuck_out_tongue:

You should put TLDR.

Funny thing is that PRIVATE servers are not free from cheaters, i was playing only official then i choose to check private servers. I thought at first its a better but it’s not really true, they just hide more, that’s it. They can crash server for stats easily and admins are not able to tell who did it right away and they have no way to tell if someone’s stats are duped (unless some mods?), they can undermesh and people may never find they hidden base, they may use pork thrall exploit and people won’t be able to tell easily etc.

Game needs a lot fixes.

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That wakeup call will never come, take a look at Age of Conan…the game got better when it went f2p. A tad to late. Expecting the same to happen with Conan Exiles, if Dune will ever be “worthy” enough for them.

I only play on private Servers with modified Settings since the mod Age of Calamitous camed out, especially to avoid the Feeling of loss created by cheaters( i cannot call them hackers, a Hacker has totally Different knowledge and domains) and achieve a playstyle that suits me. Conan Exiles by itself could not provide that, until DLC’s started popping out . Even now the game is so far from being finished.

You mentioned Siptah, why you Had to do that? :slight_smile:

I’ll stop here this time, there is no reason to continue because Funcom is aware of everything that is going around.

PS: Yes, cheating is going on no Matter what Server you are. Sad.

EDIT: I applaud you for standing up to them, i couldn’t do it, when Console Version camed out…switched for a fresh start( felt like Siptah did). :slight_smile:


Great post and sums up my feelings as i have a similar play time.

Most of the players are working for a living and don’t have time to do funcoms work for them ( i.e. verifying cheaters/hackers and reporting problems to their game ).

I am like most consumers…I purchase a product and expect it to work.

My Apple cellphone works flawlessly as does my car. Do Apple expect me to provide written verification or videos of issues with their products before they fix them?

Does Hyundai expect me to lodge a written detailed report with video evidence before they will fix my car…under warranty?

Funcom clearly do not live in the real world. Non existent QA and zero customer care to name a few.

I do however give kudos to their graphics and art department they do a wonderful job. Others need a reality check. I hope 10 Cent do that while the good people in the company are still willing to work there.


Most players don’t play on officials either. Which is part of the problem, more like a self-sustaining paradox.

1 out of 5 players played on Officials 3 years ago. A year ago it was 1 out of 6. Now it is less than 1 out of 7. What does this mean? It means more and more players are leaving officials. It also means those players who haven’t left yet will see more and more cheating and exploits happening.

The reason for this is the cheaters only have two options. Play on Official, or make their own server. For if they go to someone’s private server they will be banned and banned quickly. Making their own server is out of the question. You don’t crap where you eat, and they would quickly run out of playerbase.

Your best bet is to move off the sinking ship sooner rather than later. There are many official-like private servers which give you the Official experience. No mods, 1x settings, but with better admins, better moderation, and better server performance.

Eventually only cheaters will inhabit the officials and in which case they will likely be shut down. Why not move to a new and better server to have EVERYTHING you want and get started now, instead of latter when others are already getting a head start?

And don’t give the mess about private server shenanigans. You’re already experiencing those bad things on officials. You literally cannot lose by making the switch. You have much to gain. Seriously people, make the switch and go have fun. There’s no reason to torture yourselves anymore. Just have fun.


Funny. So you know the cheating is a thing but went on my post to be a little ■■■■ about it. You complain about official but then scoff at me for trying to get them to fix things? shame on you dude.

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false, on private server you will find admin abuse, or admin helping his friends (his friends = those who help him to pay bill for the server)

on private server you will find wipe every what ? 4 weeks ? on offical as long as you play, your base will be there.

i see no reason for not having a game working normally on official server, and cheating problem on official is becoming really bad since few months only, before that it was mainly undermesh problem, but it was possible to raid those undermesh base.

now market has several pluging allowing to do almost everything (including looting locked vault and chest with event log silent, or kill player distance), and those plugins also work on private server. there is no reason for funcom to not patch their code, and make this cheating program not functionnal (because apparently a huge door has been opened…). this should be funcom only priority of work as there is no point to do anything before that is solved.

now if you want and like to play on private server that is your choice and right, but that is not a reason to see this cheating problem with third party program not solved.


This whole game seem riddled with abuse sadly. some people act like admins on public servers they are cheating so badly. Its horrible man, which stinks. I really love this game

There’s claims of Admin Abuse on Officials. So unless you’re going to refute those claims. Then that problem is moot in comparing the two.

i can say it with others word, in my experience I found less abuse on officials and as solo player on pvp, i was able to develop more on official server than on private server.

now i don’t think the subject is private or official, but new third party programs that allows huge cheating. do you consider that is not a priority to fix that ?

i bought a game where it was supposed to be hard grint to fill a vault, and that this vault needed some bomb to be blowed to be looted. actually this is not the case, and IE the locked vault can be looted without be destroyed, which is a major problem.

You want my honest opinion? Due to the fact I don’t bother with official, not really. I’ve done a pretty good job at preventing cheating by cultivating a culture and atmosphere where that sort of behavior doesn’t thrive to begin with.

Me asking Funcom to bother fixing that issue would be like asking Nintendo to make a version of SMB3 for the NES that doesn’t work with a Game Genie.

And yes I understand how biased and selfish that may sound. But should 1/7 of the playerbase that has a problem cause 6/7s to have a delay on other things that affect them? This may actually be the stance Funcom has taken. Working on fixes that affect everyone. Not the few remaining on the officials.

Nah. He ain’t saying anything wrong, or even controversial. You, on the other hand, got salty because you got banned and decided to spam every single topic you can find with your conspiracy theories.


EDIT: This is getting better and better. This guy just created a thread where people are being rampantly racist.


How much life do you give him in this forum, before he is banned from here too :joy::joy::joy:, wanna take bets?

You gave me a chuckle on that one.

Let’s not give the guy anymore attention. He’s trolling himself at this point.

Not long. He created a thread filled with rampant racism. If that doesn’t get him banned, nothing will. :face_vomiting:

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So you say that there’s way to loot locked vault without even destroying it? That’s even more gamebreaking than i thought, on official or even private servers.

It’s fine to yell at us or about us but don’t be racist. Cleaning up some posts in the thread.


Because its Funcoms game, and they provide the servers as a place for people to play, so they should be policing them?

Or should they use your logic in all the issues? Using chairs to undermesh only affects the pvp crowd, so why should the pve’ers pay for the changes?

Thralls being very strong only affects the pvp crowd, so why punish the pve’ers with the nerf to them? The same with all the other weapons that got nerfed after they were released.

Point is, the official servers are Funcoms responcibility. Inaction against exploiters sends the player base a very wrong message…and claiming “just go to a private server” doesnt fix the issue. There is broken content allowing the exploiting, and people that use them. Both need to be solved, not ignored.

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Yes. This occurred on official servers over a year ago and caused them to initiate rollbacks on multiple servers, the first time I’ve ever seen them take action to undo damage done by hackers. They can loot locked containers, chests or vaults, without it showing up on your event logs. I’ve both seen it done in front of me as a demonstration, over a year ago, and now in the last few days had it happen to multiple vaults of mine on official PVP.

It’s game breaking. Server ending.

There’s literally no reason to touch officials any more after this, because not only can it happen to you at any time, but Funcom doesn’t restore items that are lost to hackers. So you get screwed on both ends.

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No one is questioning the responsibility that Funcom has. What is in question is priority. Undermeshing, thralls, and issues of officials are not a problem for 6/7ths of the playerbase.

So yes they should use my logic and go a step further and shut down officials. Because lets face it, they’re a drain on revenue. Because otherwise you’re going to tell me the few hundred players are spending money on DLCs every month to account for thousands of dollars it cost to run?

I don’t see it.