Game causes PC to randomly restart

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My PC will suddenly restart while playing the game. It seems pretty random, sometimes I’ll get a solid hour no problems and other times it will restart after 1 min. I have no trouble playing other games for extended periods. I’ve monitored my CPU and GPU heat (my first thought) but they seem to be fine. This only seemed to start happening after one of the recent hotfixes. It can happen anywhere in game and it doesn’t seem to make any difference what I’m doing. I seem to be able to play longer if I’m staying in my base building things.

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  1. Start playing
  2. PC randomly restarts

PC restarting is a PC issue, not a client issue. Usually caused by a driver error. Check your BSOD messages and follow the breadcrumbs.

Thanks, but there’s no blue screen, no message when PC restarts and nothing in the event viewer

Check that your PC isn’t set to automatically restart on a BSOD.

If it is actually restarting without any error, then the problem is almost certainly the PSU.

I second this. My last PC had the same issue with a different game and I found out the PSU was at fault but only after it killed the graphics card.

Thanks for the replies, my first thoughts were system related (overheating or power) but why would the PSU only crash during this game? I can play others for hours with no issues, this can crash within seconds of starting up.

Because not all games require the same system resources. More power draw for your computer to run a game, the more demand it puts on the PSU. A faulty or old PSU doesn’t draw enough power, which then can and does result in what you are seeing.

Could be an overclock issue. Could be a number of things. Bottom line, Conan Exiles is revealing a system or hardware issue, not the other way around.


PC finally started crashing with other games, guess Conan was just the canary. Replaced PSU and all seems back to normal. Thanks for all the replies

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