Game crashed, deleted items, then restarted Journey

So as I was playing offline with co op enabled, my game froze. I let it try to catch up and load as it usually does but after 10 minutes I just restarted the app in the PS4 menu. Well when my game loaded back up, half the items I had in my inventory included my main weapon were gone, half the items and placables in my shelter are gone including Thralls working at my carpenter table and stove which also disappeared with the Thralls and all the items stored in them. My Journey completely restarted at chapter 1 when I was almost done with chapter 5. Also, I can’t add on to my existing building, and my vertical elevators is now linked to some unknown horizontal location.

Edit: this how now happened 5 times and every time I lose more of my stuff. If this isn’t fixed by the the end of the weekend I’m quitting. Finding a new and forgetting this ever existed, it’s a shame because this game had great potential but a f*ck up like this going on for days unfixed is inexcusable passed the release date when the beta test has been out for a year and a half.

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