Items missing - solo offline ps4 very angry

Lost tons of items, full chests vanished, only ever playd solo offline so not raided ect, even my armour taken off my character. Hours of game time wasted, not happy at all.


Same here, friend. I bought the game a few days ago on Ps4. When I turned the game off then back on later, everything in my inventory was gone, the “Journey” entries were reset. Items I placed were gone.

I lost my iron weapons and tools. I play solo single player so it took hours and hours to get to that point. All gone. Not happy, which sucks because I was enjoying the game til then.

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I can certainly understand the inconvenience this has caused you. We are aware of this issue and our developers are working to find a solution as quickly as possible. We would like to apologize for the loss of progress this has caused and thank you for your patience as we work to implement a fix in a future update.

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I’ve also been playing Single Player Offline on PS4. I was kicked out of the game yesterday and after logging back in I was missing items from my camp, but continued to play assuming they would reappear later. I was kicked out of the game again. Now when I try to log back into the game, Single Player: Continue: Play Offline, it takes me to the new game screen to select male or female. My entire game is gone? I’m max level and purchased the Imperial East DLC. I had completed about 90% of the journey and I’ve invested many hours in this game and have accumulated and built many items, weapons, and armors. Is there any way to recover my game ?

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Have same problem accured twice day before and today. now all bildings/items dissapeared

Same, thank GOD i had it only one time, but still it sucks hours of play down the drain.

Hope there will be a solution very soon to prevent this. And that they also fix the lag (on SP) its unplayable sometimes.

I have also lost multiple chests, workstations, and thralls. Game has crashed and I have received an error code on at least 4 occasions. Lost hours of game play and progress. I play solo offline. I love the game but have been increasingly frustrated over the last three days.

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