Can't Continue: All Progress Lost

I’ve been playing Single Player Offline on PS4. I was kicked out of the game yesterday and after logging back in I was missing items from my camp, but continued to play assuming they would reappear later. I was kicked out of the game again. Now when I try to log back into the game, Single Player: Continue: Play Offline, it takes me to the new game screen to select male or female for a new character. My entire game is gone? I’m max level and purchased the Imperial East DLC last week. I had completed about 90% of the journey and I’ve invested many hours in this game and have accumulated and built many buildings, items, weapons, and armors. Is there any way to recover my game?

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You can recover your things by admin panel, but either way, its something that ■■■■■■ off all of us because it shouldn’t happen even being a game developed by a minor studio, its oficial and expensive as a AAA title.

I don’t play singleplayer, but if this happens on live servers, I would stop because I’m not hardcore so I wouldn’t have the patience to rebuild all again.

It saddens me how Funcom seems to not give a damn about putting this game to its potential, and I don’t buy the idea of “few ppl working, not enough tech\money” , they could push CE to the top 5 most played on steam as we could see in the first week of EA and release, but clearly they are not interested in this matter.

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I appreciate the reply. It’s my understanding to get to the Admin Panel I will have to create a new character. I don’t want to do that yet in case there is a chance my original character and progress can be restored with the next patch. I guess I’m finished with this game unless they are able to resolve this issue.

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