Game crashes during cutscene after picking up hammonds note

Hello Funcom Team,

I recently bought Mutant Year Zero via Steam. I started playing yesterday and enjoyed the game a lot so far. Unfortunately I cant seem to proceed in the story early on. Everytime I pick up Hammonds note in his cabin, the cutscene that follows crashes. The whole game actually crashes and I cannot play further than that. Whenever the cutscene starts, the screen freezes to the picture of dux and bormin standing in the cabin. The sound also gets distorted. The whole monologue of bormin is played but it is distorted. I tried deinstalling the game, but that didnt work. I also turned down the grafic, because I thought it had sth. to do with that.

I would love, if you could help me solve this problem, since I have enjoyed playing the game a lot so far.

Thank you in advance for your support.


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theres already discussion about this. if you have amd fx-8350 or older processor, that seems to be the problem that everyone is having.

I have the exact same problem. CPU: AMD FX 8320

Hello. Question to the developers. The game crashes when entering the inventory sometimes, and also I can’t continue playing, because on the Hammond Hut location when playing video(cutscene) of the Hammond note reading , the game crashes. How to fix this situation?FX 8350,ddr3 1866 16 Gb ram,Radeon RX 580 8 Gb

I have the same problem, how can we fix this without changing my processor ?? Need answer please because I feel I just spend 40$ for nothing… and I was really enjoyed to play this game but I can’t…

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I have AMD fx-8350, too, hangs on this place!!!waste of money!!

Hi guys, we have a partial solution for this here:

Please take a look, we will put out a solid fix early next week.

Hope this helps at least for the moment!


I have this problem with me. my processor fx 8350. I also have the same problem when I open the inventory.

Did you fix it ?? 40$ bucks wasted…