Game disappears

Every time I shut my steam down and re-open it, my conan game has to rediscover all the files and has to re- download , can someone please help me with this issue, I am soon to be somewhere, where I will not be able to download it again, and This issue needs to be solved before I leave. So if anyone has any idea of what is going on I would greatly appreciate the help.

The first thing i’d try would be to properly uninstall the game through Steam, restart the computer and install it again.

If it doesn’t work, i’d suggest to seek help on Steam forum/support as it’s more likely a Steam issue. Not a Conan Exile issue.


When you reinstall clean, make sure to mark a disk/folder with enough space in it.
Remember to keep the settings after, so the game knows where the files are.

There may be more then 1 place you have saved steam files before, and that may be a reason for this.

Just a tip, good luck.

Or you can just check for corrupted files on your steam account for CE, thats faster than reinstalling, and may solve the issue.

Thank you for the advice

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