Conan exiles and steam issue

before i went to the PC bug report section i figured i’d start here… and ask has anyone else had an issue where if they close out CE they have to completely close steam in order to restart the game? if you had the issue and solved it can you tell me how you did it… get’s irritating having to close steam fully wait for it to allow me to force close the game and wait for steam to fully close out to be able to play

Actually, come to think of it, I have experienced similar issues in the past, but with another game, not with CE.

The problem was related to the cloud storage option in steam. For whatever reason, everything was getting stuck in the upload stage after exiting the game. Since I don’t actually use the cloud storage feature, I disabled it and the problem went away.

Unfortunately I don’t think CE even supports Steam cloud storage, so that’s probably not what’s happening here. Even so, there is a chance that it could be your Steam installation that is at play here.

At any rate, first thing to do is verify your local CE files. Just in case you don’t know how to do that, right click the game in your steam library, click properties, then click “local files”, and finally click “verify integrity of game files…”

Mods are always another possibility. Try removing any mods and see if the problem persists.

A clean reinstall may also be called for. Uninstall the game from Steam, then go into your steam folder (usually C:/program files x86/steam/steamapps/common) and delete everything in the Conan Exiles folder if there is anything left. Then reinstall the game.

If that doesn’t work, you could try reinstalling Steam. HOWEVER, if you do it the normal way, you will end up having to reinstall all your games. There is another way to do it that won’t involve that.

Go to the Steam folder (C:/program files x86/steam). Delete everything except steamapps, userdata and steam.exe. Then run Steam.exe. This will force Steam to essentially reinstall the client without costing you your game installations.

If you get “an instance of Conan exiles is still running” then yes, I have that same issue. What I do instead of closing steam, is I open my task manager and end the CE instance “running”.

If this is not your issue, then I cannot help you.


yeah that’s my issue i didn’t even think of doing it that way. just wish i could figure out why it’s doing it

I think it has something to do with battleeye not shutting down correctly.

I close the game, I am on my desktop and yet, steam says i am running the game. Then I check the taskmanager and it says that the game stopped working. I can´t close it. But battleeye is also still running in the taskmanager and if I close that it automatically also closes the game.

That’s a good point. I honestly forgot battleeye was there and could be a factor.

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