Game mysterious disappears from Steam

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Type of issue: Other
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Mods?: —
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Well there was somebody reporting this already but i guess i may do it more visible with actual problem that bothers me now…
I will start with saying this thing is happening like half year now, but based on thing that my pc is broken after microsoft windows update and is self restarting randomly i thinked it may be based on that - like, some hard drive memory sequence may be corrupted but that is false : because so far conan is actually only game that do that in my steam library after turning pc on and steam… ( also tryed workaurounds from steam supps, did not helped )…

So about thing - conan somehow delete himself from steam like uninstalling, but its not uninstalled, it has memomy data in the folder, and i can even set uninstall in manager, but i cant start it from steam until i redownload it…

  1. Screen how it looks in steam

as u see i need to redownload the game fully even it still are on my PC


there u can see the game IS on PC

  1. even it is on steam folder all OK

  2. But to play it i need ro do this instead and wait 2 hours almost ± each day when i try to play conan, not always tho, but when steam ask login and after i see conan is missing …

Expected Behavior:

Game staying in library after installing ( this by the way started with Siptah DLC only ) tho even before i had pc like i have now,… i did reinstall and vertify but still it disappears randomly but most times when steam asks log in info…

Installed Mods:

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