Game freeze after start coop mode

Game mode: Co-op
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: -
Region: -
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description: When I load my map with co-op enabled, it crashes about 1 second after loading, I’ve already deleted and created many saves, but the problem persists since june

  • single player work fine
  • i don’t use mods
  • i use windows 10

Are you by any chance using Windows 7? (Or the person you are trying to co-op with.) I had that problem a while back and win7 seemed to turn out to be the culprit - the problem of using a no longer supported OS, which is why the game requirements on steam now list win 10 as a requirement (although single-player still seems to work fine with win 7).

i using windows10 :confused:

Ah, sorry. I’m guessing you’ve already tried the usual things like verifying the files through steam? I’m sorry I don’t have more useful suggestions. Hopefully somebody with more knowledge will spot this.

yes, I already tried to check the integrity of the files, install the game again among other usual solutions. as I said, I’ve been having this problem since I bought the game at the last steam sale (beginning of june), I’ve seen other people here on the forum with this same problem, but apparently it’s an unusual problem with no solutions at the moment, but thanks for trying to help me :smiley:

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moin, ich habe mal wieder seid langer zeit conan angefangen zu spielen. in den letzten zwei tagen ist es extrem abgestürzt das soiel.

so schlimm das nur benutzer ausloggen oder rest funktioniert. nicht mal der task manager lässt sich nachhem chrash öffnen.

ich spiel im singlepalyer und die abstürze passieren unterschiedlich.

mal kann ich ne stunde spielen oder wie jetzt grade nur 10 minuten.

win 10 ist instaliert.

früher bevor siptah oder nach dem siptah paar monate draussen war, gab es keine solche probleme.

und seid je her ist nur arbeitsspeicher und grafikkarte neu gekommen

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