Game freezes and crash, can't login /evade [port forward anarchy online]

First you need to disable all Video Card improvements in your Radeon or Nvidia control center, because this can make some conflicts, leave just Anisotropic Filtering and AntAliasing.
Second right click on the AO link on the desktop and see compatibility mode, set the Windows XP Sp2/3 or Vista, Win7 is max to use with old client.

And the rest is about Anarchy Online router firtewall ports forwarding
there was a topic to open ports tcp 7012,7013,7105,7500-7600 actually udp also
basically it goes to-from server ports 7105,7505,7502,7515,7516 etc and will switch with visiting new map locations, so the 7105 is needed to talk in vicinty for example and if you got one blocked (not forwarded) - system may think you LD and kick you or bug or anything, basically no OOC messagges and everything. So before login to system you will need to properly allow these ports or you just can’t login. Well, you can use some safe VPN instead, directly to your comp at least to try, if that fix the problem. i was looking for these ports for long, until just take a real port listening.

to tweak graphics you can look for this topic or search for some more here
search this topic Quick way to improve graphics (Steam/old engine)

snakeoil anyone?

Well, yes, first part is made for Old Client and if you disable all videoGPU setup, maybe you won’t need to enable the “windows compatibility” mode, as it needs admin rights or something.
Using unsafe VPN can be a real bad for security - that’s true.

tech support thread Anarchy Online·:.· :. .· .Technical·:.· : .· .           +7105tcp

and the topic concerning ports issue Anarchy online port forwarding with smoothwall - weird issues

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