Game freezes while looting/looking at containers

Game mode: Online and single player
Problem: Performance
Region: EU (PvE-C)

Every time I point the camera in the direction of my own door or a container for the first time the game freezes for 2-10 seconds. This resets after death and happens all over again.The issue happens in single player as well, but the freeze time is a lot shorter. The worst part of it is that this happens when trying to recover loot from your own corpse; you reach the body, mouse over it, and since the body is near enemies, by the time you unfreeze you’re dead again.

I’ve shut down the game in frustration multiple times because of this. I keep coming back because I really do enjoy it but this is making things extremely difficult and having to remake all my gear because I can’t reach where I died without getting killed again because of a freeze is highly frustrating.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Spawn
  2. Look at container or door (probably self-owned)
  3. Die
  4. Respawn (rinse and repeat)