Game is dieing due to low server cap

low server cap is going to make me and others quit. Play on a server for days while struggleing to join blah blah blah. get kicked from server then get never ending loading…

It is a DBMS technical limitation.
This wasn’t built as an MMO, so don’t expect it.

You are Lucky… Cuz in SA we cant even log in empty servers… Eternal Loading screen of death

Nah the game isn’t going to die actually. But keep making up nonsense

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if people quit just makes it easier for those of us that grind out a server spot to get in.

and there are no 70/70 prvt servers -))

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Tell me they aren’t riddled with bugs and I’ll call you a liar.

C’mon man, by now my official has more spam than a Hawaiian grocer. I can play until I literally fall off my feet.

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