What if the server can hold 1,000 people?

What if the server can hold 1,000 people? :thinking:

The game would most likely be unplayable due to lag, stutter and no building spots available.

Though I think a pure PvP server with gear kits that are instantly obtainable at the start might be fun with like 200 people, plying like a non stop death match everywhere. But again, lag and stutter would probably be unbearable.

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Officials can set up one that only requires war.

He looks like ForHonor That’s it

Can also be held in an ancient Roman arena

Servers can barely hold 25 people, and several LATAM servers are using the same hosting machine…

Or you can set up a portal in each server

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Cross service PK :aaaaaa:

The Player limit is because of the Unreal engine and the amount of information that needs to be transferred between the server and client.

This isn’t a MMO, the “Massive” isn’t there, it’s just MO, Multiplayer Online.
In an MMO minimal information is transferred, In Conan Everything your character built is part of the information transferred between Machines.

When the game was in EA the limit was 70 players, that was determined to be too much for the servers to handle that is why most servers are capped at 40 players now.


in newer version of engine i believe its been fix to allow but i think it because mostly well its not natively to be run on a network yet … so what we got is a single core Single player with 70 slot for friends if you want to think of it like that

Have you ever wondered why fortnite, made by the company that makes the engine, can’t hold more than 100 player?

It’s a limit of the tecnology.


You can have as many people as you want, provided you pay for the server to host it. The information is also probably logarithmic, so lets say maybe Log2N. So for 1000 people, you’re probably looking at building a super computer.

There’s a reason a lot of MMOs don’t have physics, you “lock on” to targets, etc. You can’t prevent cheating AND have a lot of people AND have a complicated game. It’s a pick 2 of 3 type situation.

Not with unreal engine hardcoded 100 players limit.


that is a novel idea.
A portal to an arena where you can take the armor you are wearing, and weapons on hot bar. Nothing else. The goal of the game is battle in arena’s against other randoms form other servers. No loot drop, but winner gets cosmetics, like different skins for weapons, skull of the defeated, and banners to display on your home server.

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would be like PURE MADNESS !!!

This isn’t a novel Idea.
this is seasonal arena PVP in MMO’s like Warcraft. I did this for years.

It is novel to CE.


Mainly because the map is too large and there are too few people


What if he’s like a tribal war?

Server to Server Alliance


The are one shard servers still today, and the epic games from the past had them all the time.
The one disappoint with CE is that they only hold a few peeps.

We will stay here until another one shard cool MMO comes along.
There are rumors of a SWG II in the future,. It that comes true, shards form all over the gaming world will empty.

What if? barring all issues…


I picture back to LotrO, were people had turn capes off cause of issues,

Theres…in part… to many people?
It ends up like 24.7 shipment in cod… you die and die and die, and what ever fun was suppose be there is gone.
With so many play styles… and so many trolls. I can’t picture it being fun for more then hype last and reality sets in.

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