Game is freezing randomly

Game mode: Coop/Single-player
my game is freezing for 15 - 30 sec randomly. I tried everything that I found here.

AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 8-core 3,6Ghz
GTX 1080 ti
32 Gb DDR 4
instaled on SSD

Im sorry for my bad english and thanks for help :slight_smile:


its only the game freez the windows still working without stuttering.

Possible windows updates running in background? Microsoft loves to use all available resources for their updates.

If you go into your wifi properties, you can choose to set your wifi as a metered connection and then Microsoft will not run updates. You just have to remember to change it back when you want updates to run again.

Thanks for the answer. :slight_smile:
the freezings starting a week ago and my pc is the wole day on.

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Have you looked at processes in task manager to see if any are consuming more than normal CPU, RAM, disk or network?

nope its dorpping i mean ram not changing cpu, gpu and ssd is dropping to minimum
i have a screen but cant upload

thanks for help

I tested it but everything was green and yellow and nothing red

i found the probem!
its my SSD … its broken

thanks for help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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