Game is straight up lying

Okay, I’ve already seen the update, where it said that pve-conflict servers are just pvp servers now
So now I have some questions

  1. Why is there still a menu for PVE-conflict servers, when they are just pvp servers?
  2. Why the f- is the game lying to it’s players by implying PVE-conflict servers work differently from PVP servers? Just why? All it’d take is to change one string. It doesn’t take debugging, hours of programming, whatever. One effing string. I now want the 16 hours of my life back that I spent playing on PVP servers after being lied to about them being mostly PVE, with only light PVP elements. This is baffling to me. Devs lie to gamers all the time, but usually the lies aren’t built into the game itself!

Also, I’m sorry

“Make choosing a server much more simple”
Well, not when you’re ■■■■■■■ lying to me about what the servers mean. I don’t know if it’s malice or incompetence. If it’s malice, this is really some class A assholery. If it’s incompetence, my god you guys are really dumb.

Don’t think they can raid, but the servers are surely open PVP, which is in direct contrast to the in-game description

On that date they made the Official Pve-C servers that existed in to Official PvP servers.

At a later date they made NEW Offical Pve-C servers. They did not change the servers back from PvP to Pve-C.

On the PC, when you have selected a server, the list of server settings come up on the right side of the menu and you can compare the various settings. The official Pve and Pve-C both state: “player structures are indestructable”.

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Are you upset because you can be killed on a pve-c server?

I am upset because despite the game claiming that “players […] engage in combat during certain time windows…”
I had no interest in playing in an open PVP server, and the game claims that it is somewhat restricted in time on the conflict servers. This does not appear to be the case, as I was attacked pretty much regardless of the time.
I would have no problem with this type of server. What I have a problem with is being lied to that PVP is restricted to a certain time window.


What server are you currently playing on? Is it an official server or private? Shame on funcom if it is an official server. If it’s a private server, the owners could have adjusted the settings to have pvp 24/7 but still list the server as pve-c. Some do this because they don’t understand the settings or fail to understand the responsibility they have to maintain a decent server. I help run a private pve-c server and we have pvp restricted to 6 hours a day on the weekend and 4 hours during the week. we also have it set to allow building destruction during pvp times. Our setup works great and both pve and pvp players are happy.

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It’s an official server, but the settings don’t tell you what times is PVP active. Initially I didn’t think much of it, because maybe the times would be randomized, with an ingame indicator, or something.
If the time is really restricted, it’s far too lax and I really can’t tell that the server isn’t just open PVP

ESC->Settings->Server settings. Tells you everything.

That means its PVP all the time by the screen you show’d. They probably forgot to change the ini setting to have PVP limited times, or its a PVP server with the PVE-C tag still left on.

You want PVP on all the time. The game isn’t great for PVP on and off at all.

Isn’t the main difference being whether structures are destroyable or not? On PvP servers, your base can be destroyed. On PvP conflict you can fight other players but bases cannot be destroyed.

Hiya there and woah hold your horses with the language please. :slight_smile:

Happy to look into this if you let me know which exact official server you’re playing on.


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