Game is unplayable after latest patch

This has most likely been the worst patch for creating more bugs yet…

  1. As people have posted already, you get stuck in position whenever you spawn in to game, whether it be obelisk or death.

  2. Game crashing (bluescreen) was supposedly fixed… no… its worse than before, as in it’s a more common occurrence… and when you combine it with the 1st issue i raised… ridiculous.

  3. Getting stuck in lifts and doors. Doors not opening. Lifts not moving.

I personally know of 15+ people who uninstalled the game permanently In the past week, prior to this abomination of a update. I’m seriously thinking of just doing the same.

Funcom, I’ve defended you in past but honestly you should be embarrassed at the state of the game right now.

When can we expect a playable game?

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