Game Keeps stopping

The wife and I have been trying to log into the game since the expansion drop on the 14th, but have had
MAJOR issues. The intro cinematic will play but glitch. It will take us to the main menu after the cinematic where you choose play style, either online or offline, etc… We select our chosen style, begin the game, and the loading bar goes up, theme music plays, and once it hits to about 100% to when the game should be available, the screen goes black, theme music stops, and we are kicked to the main home screen of our console and the game is exited completely. This at first made us attempt over and over again only to get the EXACT SAME result with each attempt. Initially we tried and tried for over 3 and 1/2 hours… We have continued to try randomly since, but still cannot play… Please advise and let us know if it is being fixed.

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