Game not seeing player is connected to PSN account

Basic Info:
Platform: PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition)
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=

Bug Description:
The forcing psn log in as you start the game isn’t rectifying the failures of the game to recognize PSN login and we have to reset the game again.

Bug Reproduction:
Log out of game play and leave game running in main screen. After some time it will no longer allow online play as it fails to recognize you are logged into a PSN account.

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Are you talking about the blue bar that says to “connect” after start? It doesn’t always show.

I mainly see that reset on every (more recent) update. Does it break immersion?

He talks about a tooltip that appears when trying to connect .
It is located at the bottom of the screen and takes up the entire width of it : “ to take advantage of the online functionality please log in ”.
In general, this tooltip disappears but sometimes, it remains and then we cannot access multiplayer.
This has been happening since the June update.

Okay. There are two tooltips. One is the smaller one of the two. On the larger one you can hit spacebar (or square) to reset it. On the plain ps4, I just look up if it seems stuck, and it resets on its own after a few seconds. Is it that simple on ps5 (de or pro)? Some said it’s part of the “colossal” change to it (within the last couple of months). :smile: :adhesive_bandage:

I’m talking about a ps pop up that happens when I start the game that tells me to log in and since I am already logged in i just click x and continue on. This has started since this update and I assume it is a quick fix to our issue where we have to restart the game because it loses that we are signed in and the game tells us we can’t play online without signing into our PSN account. That issue is still going on.

Ah… my attempts to fix it has been going on since a few of updates ago, so it’s not new, to me. Nothing wrong with just tapping the button to continue. Startup is usually ready by the time the blood drops are seen, as I also watch the tables rez when it jumps out of the cinematic part.

Here are the pictures to what I’m referring to.

PS5 notification to log in

Conan notification that you aren’t

You’re right. I had to tap that bar several times. Eventually it works.

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