Game rubber banding, currently unplayable

Online, private server
Rubber banding, lag, getting stuck on stairs, doorways, clipping on buildings

The game is currently unplayable for me. Going into my house I get stuck on doorways, stairs, or walking around any placeable such as crafting machines or boxes. It rubber bands me in place and no matter what way a walk or jump it just keeps popping me back, or I get stuck in a death roll.

Happens outside also when I access or walk by my animal pens, well, thrall wheel, ect…

The only way to clear it is to log out of game and come load back in. Then I get anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes before it happens again.

A question do the private server you play on do a restart daily?
Cause one of the common cause is the server haven’t done a restart for quite awhile.

I’m not sure.

A simple way to know without asking other on that server, would be to go to event log and unchecked every option beside server
Hit submit and see the result.

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