Game save button and framedrop fix

Every time i log out of my world everything i did gets deleted please add save button to singleplayer and make the game story more clearer it’s hard to now what’s going on when everything is so laggy that doesn’t happen in any other games in my ps4, and in my world there’s no star metal drops at all so please fix that, and make the story straight forward add an ending but after the ending allow to continue playing in the same world for more discovery,
Hopefully I’ll get a quick response
and i came as humbly as i could,
(sorry if my English wasn’t very good)
Thank you. :innocent:

Hey LiL,

Thank you for your feedback, and welcome to the forums!

The game should save automatically when you exit back to the main menu. Alternatively there could be a Decay System setting that’s removing your buildings. How often to you play Conan Exiles?

Star Metal should drop in the northern area of the map, but it’s very rare. Maybe that’s why you haven’t found any yet? It usually comes from meteors, so look out for those.

Finally, the story is told mostly through dialogue with the few NPCs available in the world and through lore tablets and item descriptions. This was an intentional choice during development and right now there aren’t plans to change the storytelling. You can continue after the ending, but you’ll have to make a new character. This is also intentional. You’re forced to make a choice: give up the power you’ve amassed in the Exiled Lands and walk away, or stay behind and remain powerful, but trapped.

Thank you for your reply

Honestly? since day 1 I never found a damn meteor in my game. not once, not in any campaign I’ve run…
Anyway I managed to go on and do sumthang else, starmetal is not all!

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Star metal has too main drop points; the southern cliffs of skyfall ridge and up in the snowy plains in front of the frost giants temple, out by the mammoths and sabertooths.

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