Stupid meteorites

If I understand correctly, to get stellar metal just go to the right place (that we do not know) and wait for hypothetical meteorites (which we do not know where they will fall).

One of the innumerable inconsistencies of this game … and Fraudcom.

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It worked in the past, it became a little bugged during a patch, it will be fixed. It really isn’t that hard or problematic.

Besides, why worry? It is a pain to farm, there are better weapons, and the tools are a pain as they require star metal to repair. It’s far easier to repair hardened steel or even plain steel and you don’t gain that big an increase in resource generation.



This one has a map that shows the general area where they fall, if you dont know where that is…

Besides that, as Critter said they’re kinda bugged and to my knowledge don’t show up, or at least disappear very quickly…

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At least on some servers the meteors appear, but they only stay for a few minutes once landed. On the plus side they have no shells, currently, and can be farmed without need for explosives etc.

As for where it spawns, Youtube has a number of guides. I suggest trying them out

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Thank you all for all this information, and unfortunately this is the problem of this game in addition to these bugs:


A guideline to move forward. And especially when we start the game!

And I know that the very concept of the game is survival at all levels, but all the same!

Even Skyrim at the time we knew where we were going and what we had to do …

I think the problem is because the star metal stones land with out the shall it make them do disappear after about 1 min. So once they fix the shall thing i think it will fix everything.


ON PS4 they are still acting normal. You can see the meteor shower then go find the crashes, takes one or two demon fire to crack them open. The PC players with the update are having the issue as far as I have read. I went and hit a meteor shower for the first time two nights ago, I must say the meteor shower was way cooler than I expected.


It’s a sandbox. The world is here for you to discover. Meteor showers are hard to miss. They are loud as hell, leave visuals all the way across the sky, and even fall where the visuals lead too.

Instead of going to forums to complain, do some research. Typing “ Star metal guide Conan exiles “ in either YouTube or google would get you instant and immediate results.


Your reasoning is not going anywhere, and that’s the big problem:

why should we look elsewhere for the whole tutorial of a game when it should simply and logically be those who designed the game!

There’s a bug in the meteorites! What is this, an MST3K episode? :golfclap:

Quoting Critter667 for visibility, and to make one short retort. I needs a fridge, man. My rhino head soup is best served cool, and hearty stew never gets used up. Also, starmetal is required for the making of Conan’s Atlantean Sword, which is pretty much de rigueur on any server. :smiley:

Skyrim is a very poor example; as Elder Scrolls games go, the quest system was on ultrastupideasy mode. Things are meant to be a bit challenging here—certainly moreso than Skyrim, my god. For an Elder Scrolls game that has a quest system closer to Conan Exiles, might I suggest Morrowind?

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To be honest, given the hints dropped in game, and just Magellening about the Exiled Lands, was able to put together how to find, use, etc, starmetal items on PS4 my first play through. The clues are subtle, sure, but they are there, like much of the game. Were you expecting like a Journey Step, or something like an Exile’s note, to start you off here?

My reasoning? I didn’t design the game, however; I do appreciate being able to explore and learn things at my own pace. For those who do not, you can support someone else by viewing their guide or review. This is logical and rational reasoning. I don’t understand the entitlement of demanding to be spoon fed everything.

Normally, from what I’ve seen, meteorites remain for a full game day, then fade out. I’ve tried to get a couple using grease and fire orbs, but they land in areas where it’s hard to get the orb to land on them. Even built a foundation next to one and used 3 dragon powder explosives, but nothing. Though this last attempt was over two weeks ago, so things may have improved with those since. It would be nice to have the epic armor set and weapon made.

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Never thought I’d see the day where Googling something is too hard. Back in my day we had to wait for a magazine to come out and hope it covered what we needed help on. Sometimes we’d get lucky and someone’s older brother would figure it out and the news would be all over the school-yard: “Hey man, did you hear that if you put your name in as Zelda it gives you a different map!”


There is information all over the net, only smart people can find it.

use a demon orb, wait for it to burn out, then hit it with one more. if that doesn’t open it, its gonna take a ton of them, go to a different one and redo with only 2 demon orbs

Challenge = fun…easy ,hold my hand = boring…is googling cheating? Lol

It’s fraudcom because OP has to google. Lol

There are a ton of games with no guidance. This does not make the company a fraud. I think some of my kids games have instructions if that’s what you prefer.