Game-Stopping Tool/Weapon Bug

This is actually the exact same bug that I experienced during the Beta. Exactly. The same. Bug.

Upon entering the game (online, solo, and co-op), my character can move freely, and can attack while bare-handed. I can gather basic resources. Menus all work fine. Crafting works fine.
HOWEVER, tools and weapons do nothing. At all. As soon as I draw/equip one, my character goes into a ready posture, but no commands will actually work except walking (this includes dodge, block, and sprint).

An extra note: The first time I play after installing/reinstalling the game, weapons will still work as long as they are in toolbar slot 5, and tools still work in slots 6, 7, and 8. Until the first time I leave the game after installing. After that, NOTHING will work from the toolbar, and the toolbar starts taking sometimes up to 10 seconds to even appear after entering ANY server.
This all happens regardless of server or whether or not any mods are installed.

Obviously, this results in the game being unplayable.

Tried clearing my toolbar and restarting the game. Tried verifying files. Tried clearing toolbar and dying. Nothing helps.

I want to love the game. It’s a ton of fun right after installing it, as long as I remember to be careful where I let the game put things on the toolbar. Sadly, it just is not playable like this.

I can hope that this gets fixed, but since this exact same bug has been being reported repeatedly by multiple people since BEFORE release, I won’t hold my breath.

Are you using a really old game save? before the jungle and volcano were added, if so try erasing your settings at least, it will let you re-do them when you go to start the game, at least thats how it works on PS4, sorry i can’t be more helpful.

I tried multiple different servers, and a new solo game.
I’ve actually seemingly solved it at the moment by completely uninstalling Battleye. Means no official servers, but without that installed, the game runs a lot better and there’s no tool glitch.

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