Game uninstalled on its own?

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Game crashed, restarted machine and conan exiles was no longer installed…

That doesn’t seem possible. Did you check your machine for the files? It’s more likely your PC “forgot” where it was installed—which is actually indicative of a pretty severe OS problem.

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Along this same line of reasoning, if you purchased the game through Steam, it will still be visible in your Library. You could try running Steam’s built-in file verification function.

Two locations of game files, my 2nd drive directory does’nt get seen at first login to Steam.

If you EXIT Steam and then relaunch it the game will be seen. I have to do this every day, I’ve tried reinstalling Steam but not solved the issue yet.

Steam also gets me to login with authenticator at EVERY launch, again haven’t found how to stop it except to remove the authenticator tool.

Does this happen to you?

i dont normally have to authenticate on launch but i did this time. I belive it was a corrupted file path however in my steam library it showed it as not being installed. When i reinstalled it found the old files and fixed itself.

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