Gave in and bought a server

It’s the only way to avoid the cheaters that Funcom can’t seem to deal with. Just made a mirror of Offical settings to keep the game the way it was. I could have bought DLC, but instead my money is going to another company.

Anyone else try this in the past and how did it go?

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You can make yourself a server if you have two PC’s, one to run the server and another to play the game.

You can also split the same machine to run server and game if you know how to make a virtual machine on your computer (a little bit harder to configure).

  1. Get this file:

  2. Install on your PC and configure modem and firewall ports

  3. Test your Ports

  4. Run DedicatedServerLauncher

  5. If you run another machine inside the same Internet Conexion you should use your Modem IP, if you are connecting from another internet point you should use the IP from the Launcher (some for friends that are connecting on your Server).

You should have at least 8GB memory and SSD driver on your Server PC.

Good Luck.

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Yes a lot of ppl do this, but prepared to be attacked if your server pop goes up. A lot aholes who just want to watch the world burn. Like now a lot of servers official and private are being DDOS.

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I have had a ps4 server from gportal since about a month after release to consoles. Just a 20 slot. It has been fun meet people from all over. However being your on PC you might be prepar to invite your friends and lock your server. We have had 1 known exploiter and banned him. Still lost us a clan of 5. I think you will enjoy it especially if you don’t have to rent it.

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Great advice, I just only have one computer at the moment.

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Before you create a VM to run the dedicated server on your gaming rig just try using a second Windows user account.

With RDP-Wrap you can even RDP into the second account while you’re active and playing on your first one.

Of course this requires >= 16GiB of RAM

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