Before buying game...need answer

I would like to buy this game but before I do is the an official dedicated server that is not full? I want an official Funcom supported server not a player bought one.


no. And the ones empty you just cant log in because of the Infinite Loading Screen.

Wait a while before buying it.

Check out the forums and you’ll see countless threads on server issues.

I recommend checking back in a couple weeks… Or months…

On PC you can get in. I have played the same packed server since D1, as have tons of others on the server who reached the 12-hour mark (and beyond) yesterday.

I also have been able to get in during every Raid Window despite a number of “odd” accounts jamming the Server Browser that are named like SockMunkey, SockPoopett and SockStiffness. If you catch my drift.

I am on PC. What you mentioned seems more of a hit or miss server scenario. I am looking for a dedicated Funcom server that is supported, via company, an open. Strange why they would make so few dedicated servers on release?

It has been pretty clear from all the way back to Frozen North that our server providers can’t keep up with the great demand for Conan. Just so we’re clear :sunny:: Funcom rents a block of servers and lets people play on them, just like you or I could do. They make no rules but those on the sliders.

No. I can’t get on my server when I want to play. And that’s why I bought the game. I may return it at this point. It’s fun but no game is worth this much aggravation.

What do you have against private servers? They have better moderation than the official ones. Also a lot of them have better server performance then the GPortal ones that official use.

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