General Construction

it would be great if the construction in the game wasn’t so crappy. placement is only improved by mods and even then it can’t compensate for how badly placement and block coupling functions.
there aren’t enough options in building blocks themselves, either. triangle foundations don’t connect to any other construction block, they are oddly misshapen and have far less structural support than the square panels. Even if angled correctly when placing walls, they often will not line up with triangle floor plates when attempting to make a multi-level structure, column placement is horribly limited on triangle plates/foundations.
why are there no angled walls? why are the triangle plates not half the square plates instead?
Please work on fixing the construction system instead of pumping out more aesthetic mods.
Also, why does the rain go right through completed covered structures?

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Can you clarify this? I can connect triangular foundations to everything else just fine, they have the same stability as square foundations and, barring a heisenbug I’ve learned to live with, they confer the same amount of stability to attached pieces as square foundations.

That one is easy to explain: because the triangles you suggest using are not equilateral. Half-a-square triangle has one right angle and two 45° angles, which means that two of its sides will be the same size as a square tile’s side – let’s call that s – but its third side will be s×√2. Since it wouldn’t be the same size as a square tile, you wouldn’t be able to snap anything to it, because all other building pieces have the standard width s.

That bug is as old as the game itself. We’ve pestered them so much about it that they came out and confirmed that it most likely won’t ever be solved, because the limitations of the version of engine they’re using make it too costly to solve.


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