General PVP problems and possible solutions

Hello Funcom Staff,

I play your awesome game since a long time even on all 3 major platforms, I have Conan Exiles on PC on Xbox One and on PS4, and I played Age of Conan too, I love your games and whilst CE is still quite buggy here and there , looking at the huge size of this piece of software its an outstanding work by design and software craftmanship , I know what im saying, be a Software Developer myself since 35 years.

This said, I have some suggestion regarding PVP gameplay in general.
The players online list on PVP servers is a real problem, big clans literally wait until you offline or you the last one of your clan online and then they come raid you 5 vs 1 and more.
Somehow it seams most people get a kick from raiding and killing a single helpless player outnumbering him big stack.
This happend now many times for me even when in a clan with 5 people some other clan only waits until you offline or outnumbered, especially on the console versions I find it would be good to remove the “players online” list doing this on PC will be not so easy I imagine because of STEAM informations ect but for consoles it would be great if you could think about removing that list , that would be the best or if you for whatever reason think that this list is necessary( I can’t find any reason for it) at least make it possible to remove oneself from that list like an option "do not show my name on the ‘players on the server’ list.
This would enforce much fairer raid pvp gameplay and lesser toxicity in general wich is already quite high in CE even on Consoles where toxicity is usually much lower than on PC .

One more thing is I find bombs do a bit too much damage, I find it too easy people blow thru 2x t3 foundation walls in notime, they dont even focus on breaking thru doors wich should be easier right ?, eighter its an exploit or the damage stacking is just to extreme, it should not be possible to break 200 000 building hp with a few explosions , the last time I was raided (5vs1 alone ofc) there about 7 explosions and a double foundation t3 together with inner and outer walls was thru, thats too easy.

However, Thanks for reading I would be glad if you care.
just remove the online player list thing , nobody needs to know this all the time waiting until people go offline or crash (and can’t rejoin because server is overloaded) and then raid them , just display the clan name under the player names in the 3d world and make reading informations on building only possible with a repair hammer in hand. Thats far enough to plan a raid!

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Being offline wiped is the accepted norm. Either be on during the set raid time window, have clan mates who will be or make damn sure you’ve setup enough defenses. PVP is not casual in this game. You should expect to be out numbered if you’re solo or a small clan. Savages are out there and they will wreck you if you’re not prepared or allied up with other clans. Sometimes even with allies, you will be wrecked anyways.

Im not a fan of player list aswell, but removing it wouldnt make much difference because there is still the server tab on Steam and Battlemetrics meaning you can see whos online.

yes on PC, i also wrote in the message the PC version will still have a problem but for the Console versions it would be possible and very good

Some people seamed to not understand what I mean exactly even to the point they feelt so offended that they reported me and I got banned for a while from the forums, I am so sorry for the inconvinience this caused.
This said I made a small video that explains the problem in general.

@KarstenX Ich kann dich gut verstehen. Aus Admin und PvE Sicht ist diese Liste jedoch sehr nützlich.
Am besten du kommst zu uns auf den Server. Im Moment bieten wir Admin reguliertes PvP/PvE. Wir arbeiten jedoch mit einem Modder zusammen, um PvP weiter zu reglementieren und so den Spaß am Spiel auch im PvP zu erhalten. So ist zum Beispiel ein offline raid Schutz geplant und ein Diplomatiesystem in Arbeit.
2 Clans wollen es demnächst mit PvP versuchen.
Du wärest herzlich willkommen. Derzeit spielen bei uns zwischen 11 und 22 Spieler auf dem Server. Die meisten genießen das PvE Spiel, wobei PvP eingeschaltet ist.
[DE] Das Haus der Ketten [PvP/PvE]

Sounds like an unimmersive advantage issue. Devs need to bring their philosophy around this, I wager.

As a PlayStation player, I personally would deny my participation from being visible. It obviously doesn’t prevent others from raiding my base nor make them unable to plan raids, but the point wasn’t to prevent or unable anyone in the first place. Point is to make raiding a challenge with theme fitting tools, not sci-fi scope. If a feature feels like it’s out of reach, theme wise, then it shouldn’t be utilised as an advantage. In case one cannot be disabled or it is provided by a source other than the devs themselves, then a countermeasure of an equal force needs to be designed.

KarstenX, there is simple solution, do not have a big visible base :slight_smile:

The thing is that if you have a big base somewhere :.

  • you will be raided
  • you can not defend, T3, thralls and animals are useless (only good for purge defense).
  • pillar base? trebuchet tower.
  • A god protection? You can not alone farm 500 zeals every 2 days (you have a day job). And it can be raided too.

Just build a small 6 x 6 x 2 T3 hidden somewhere for the main base. you can fit all crafting stations and chests. And you will save ressources and time!!!

Then build elsewhere a 2 x 2 x 1 hidden T3 to sleep when offline with armor, tools and weapons backup.

After you can build severals little outposts to get thralls near big cities. (Only a wheel, food, water, temporary storage).

It work perfectly for me on official PVP :slight_smile:

I am doing that, i never build a huge base, in the meanwhile i am so good that i can fit every station ,including its advanced versions at once , except medium and big slave wheels onto a 12 foundation base with partial 2. Etage,
i understand what you mean but i think for others too not onyl for me you know, a clan with 5+ peaople usually wants to build a “main” base, and the issue with this online list isn’t about hide and seek games , its just that it enforces you to be online because everyone will see when you not and eventually raids your clan and then the clan intern talks start like “why wasnt you there ? i was”.

Looking a bit deeper at this “feature” it is even somehow a privacy problem , because with this list people can contact you and spam PSN message even when you set your status to offline, i am not sure but i think SONY wouldnt like that list too when looking at it from that point of view.

Danke für Deine Info, aber ich spiele momentan nur Konsole weil PC ist einfach “PC cheater race” geworden in den letzten 10 Jahren ganz schlimm geworden.
Nur ein beispiel ,a uf Konsole kann ich mich in einen abgelegenen Busch legen oder auf einen Baum klettern und nach 3 Stunden wieder kommen und habe noch alles gear an mir und nix ist passiert, das ist der Standard auf Konsole, niemand hat mich gefunden weil es einfach die Wallhacks und ESp ect Dreck auf der Konsole nicht gibt, mache ich das gleiche auf dem PC bin ich in 99 von 100 Fällen tot wenn ich nach 3 Stunden wieder komme.
PC ist für mich gestorben ich spiele nur noch PC aus Vergleichs und Testgründen oder wenn es ein Game das ich spielen will auf Konsole nicht gibt, was inzwischen glücklicherweise mehr und mehr eine Ausnahme ist.

Is this information correct? Have you tried it?

ofc, i am set to “show as offline” in PSN but people still able to message me via that list using the … button

That’s an issue alright.

This game just needs a new stone in your house that when you activate sends SMS messages to mobile app of the player and notifies him that his constructions are taking damage.

Interesting idea.

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no, because then you again bound, indirectly in this case, it would dictate your life

Could you elaborate a bit more on that?

Imaging you sit with your family on your daughters 10th birthday 5pm cake party and you get a “raid SMS” .
Bad, better just do the version with the hiding from list, that way you can stay visible until you found clanmates and then hide yourself from the list , the actual situation is stalking hardcore class AAA and a “raid SMS” would only move the problem elsewhere, in this case directly into your private life.

Why not do both as options?

yes, even if on private players can send message to you rhough the player list. But you can block them if necessary after the first one.