General PVP problems and possible solutions

This list is evil, do i read inbetween your lines that you want to keep it as is?

Both as options. To hide yourself would be an option and getting alarm messages would be an option too. One could do both or just the other or neither, if they wanted to.

whatever it is in the end, there must be a solution against this “list camping”,
with the SMS you still have the issue that you must be lucky to get on the server at least these days CE is so hyped you dont “get in” at prime pvp times.

The pure Horror scenario: You get the SMS and run to your Device only to notice that the server is full, your team mate (they attacked when one was alone as we know ofc) ; hes messaging you frantically " they are 5 i am alone , where are you guys HELP!!!"

I dont want this, do you?

If the server is full and raid is on, it doesn’t matter how invisible we as the reinforcement team are though. We won’t necessarily be able to get there in time. The alert message is more like a single tool in the tool box, not the answer to revert advantage. Alert message feature would be for those who it fits, not those it doesn’t.

Of course then we would also have the option to turn ourselves invisible in the list. This would fix the advantage issue, like you already explained.

On top of the invisibility option if we also opt-in to the alert message option, it would work as a beacon of reinforcement messaging system. This would turn the advantage potentially the other way around and thus, to balance this, the messaging system would perhaps need to be formed into an in-game station (someone mentioned this already here).

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