Get rid of that character!


I have a question for you good people. How do you feel about starting over? I’m asking because I started over last night(it was my first character) because I wasn’t happy with how I did everything from skill picking to attributes to how I made my settlements, and I’m actually having fun starting over since I have a plan.

I used to do the same thing on my first run throughs with the Elder Scrolls games.

Does anyone else ever just erase their characters and start over?


I started over several times on SP and on MP. :innocent:
I really like the beginning of the game. Its cool to dive into this world. I even lost huge and beautiful bases through starting over. This did never upset me like others I read mainly in the steam forum. Its a game not real live.
And… every time I started over I got better! :muscle:


i play on rp server, and death can be an option if you play a bad character.
Restart is always cool because of new possibility (and it keep the game fresh too)
As for the base, there is always a possibility to give it to those who had conquer you


I start over all the time, because of reasons you stated. Either i want to change the look of the character, want to remove an old base and start somewhere else, or just want to re-explore starting content to see how things have changed, or other options for when official launch finally arrives.


I start over with almost every major update that includes changes that affect gameplay. Each time I get better at base planning and combat tactics. I also prefer to build close to the newbie area so that harvesting advanced materials becomes a personal quest to keep the game exciting.


I start over without regrets. I have different reasons for doing so, but mostly because I want to start fresh with new/different admin settings. I play solo/co-op. While I do not have to start over to change the settings, I choose not to change settings in mid-game. Starting with different settings is almost as good as starting a new game complete. I love the options Exiles offer. Wish every online game had these options.


I do this all the time. In Elder Scoll, in Dark Soul, in Pillar of Eternity, in Divinity, in Banner Saga, in Exanima,in Fallout, in Legend of Grimrock, in Salt and Sanctuary, in Tyranny, in XCOM, in almost every game I have except for Tropico, really don’t want to delete any of my dear comrade Perultimo.


I feel like every time I start over I learn so much more about the game. I build better, level faster, explore more, and die less. I feel starting over gives you a better grasp on the game. Also this is one of the few games I enjoy leveling in.


I’ve lost count of how many times I just started over.
Sure, I’ve built some amazing structures and that alone gave me reason to hesitate.
But, I’m always learning something new and I don’t regret it.