Get rid of the fixed Climateperks on Armor please

I know, they help sell DLC because people will pay to get different variations of armor. At the same time they suck the fun out of creating builds simply because you constantly have to consider where you have your main base and how the weather is there. Being overheated just because you want to build a char with for example the Lemurian Warriorarmor, I’ll be forced to hang out in the north to stay cool and if I run a full pictish heavy armor, I almost have to hang out in the Vulcano, if I dont want to constantly freeze. Attributes and looks are enough to consider when making a build. I would suggest an armor padding that can be added to the armors instead of the fixed stats.

Other suggestions?

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Funcom’s Senior Designer, Robert, more or less agree’s with you. This was the latest he had to say in the last dev stream

Source below:


Huh, just watched that. Must have missed these specific seconds of the stream. Well, thanks for enlightening such an inattentive fella like me…

Pleased to hear it. Robert has a lot of good stuff on his mind then…

Thank you for the response and have a great day!

To clarify, that was one of his post-stream written responses he sent to me for the written recap. It’s included in the part of my written recap that covers the temperature changes.

Phew, what a relief. I literally just watched the stream minutes ago. Nice to know my brain still works! Just going through the ones you posted…

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