Get rid of the "You are not entitled" junk

“You are not entitled to mount this horse”
“You are not entitled to use this item”
This completely ruins a lot of aspects of the game. For PVP, it makes it so someone raiding a base needs to have done the battlepass or bought an item set from the bazaar to make use of items. It means that the system can be completely abused just by making items that are only bazaar or battlepass to make it less likely that people will take your things.
For mounts, it’s completely dumb that fellow clan mates can’t mount bazaar or battle pass mounts. Aside from looks, it makes the mount much more worthless than the regular, gameplay-wise. It means if I need to let my clan mate borrow my mount out on the field, they won’t be able to. It means if I need to let my clan mate borrow my extra weapon after theirs broke, they won’t be able to. This ‘feature’ makes bazaar and battle pass items more worthless, and that’s really bad if peoiple are spending money on them.

Another thing is it’s totally buggy. It broke earlier today and the game told me I was not entitled to my bow when I really needed it. it’s broken, it’s buggy, and it makes no sense other than higher ups thinking it’ll make more people buy their content.

The solution is to just get rid of the “you are not entitled” system, and keep it entirely to crafting.restrictions. Let people craft their bought items and let them use them how they want.Don’t let the game become another Fallout 76.


If letting clan mates use your gear and horse is your only concern then why not just restrict yourself to using vanilla gear? As for the pvp aspect yeah I get that, but I was always a despawner as opposed to a looter. I don’t care if I can’t use it, just as long as they can’t either.

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“restrict yourself to using vanilla gear” Then why buy it at all, or why do the battlepass at all? Funcom likes money, this is a reason NOT to buy them.


YOU bought it. Not your whole clan. Why should funcom settle for one payment so 10 people can benefit. It’s obvious you’ve never ran your own business. If your clan mates want to use the shit you payed for then give funcom their due and buy it. The amount of entitlement these days is sad.

I’m not up for debating someone who insults. That’s bad practice. Best I’ll say is that the battlepass only lasts so long and those who join later won’t get access to that content one way or another, nor does bazaar stuff last on the bazaar for longer than a week. Means that it makes buying and using these more useless even if other clan mates could afford it. And that’s a general response to everyone. Not this dude.


I didn’t try to insult anyone, if you feel insulted that’s on you. Sales are just that. Be it a game or a fruit market they are limited time things. You can’t be whining that you missed it. Bad luck. If you would be happy to offer a service and be paid by one person so that 10 can get it then you’re built different. Funcom offer individual items for individual payment. They don’t offer a group pack. Sorry but it’s entitlement. You bought a product and you received it, just cause your mates didn’t get it as well because you bought it doesn’t give grounds for moaning.

  • “It’s obvious you’ve never ran your own business”

  • “The amount of entitlement these days is sad.”

  • “You can’t be whining that you missed it.”

  • “just cause your mates didn’t get it as well because you bought it doesn’t give grounds for moaning.”

You’re annoting negative connotations towards me. In other words, you’re insulting me for whatever reason. That’s not ‘on me’. It’s not opinion. It’s just fact. If you wish to debate a topic, you leave the person behind the topic out of it.
I’m allowed to give feedback on a product, and in my opinion, this system is poorly implemented, and the change would likely work towards making Funcom more money as allowing people to use content brought into the world without it breaking the game would even tempt others to buy the packs so they could make them themselves on their own time.

Lol if you find those FACTS offensive and insulting then maybe you need to rethink :man_shrugging:you can’t debate a OPINION without taking into consideration the voice behind it. Basically you’re asking to be able to have stuff you have not payed for, or you want your friends to have stuff they haven’t paid for. That’s not how the world works. I do run my own business and I provide a product for an individual that pays for it. I’m not going to provide it to his mates or whatever random person strays along just because it’s been payed for once. Have a think about what you’re asking for maybe.

It’s a digital blueprint to make an item. That’s what we’re paying for. And yes, I’m allowed to give feedback on how it’s used. I have no clue what your business is, but I’m going to assume it’s physical goods as that’s what you seem to be treating these digital items as. We’re paying for a service, not the items themselves. The items aren’t real, and thus can’t be compared to physical goods. The game is designed around the idea that it’s an RPG with potential PVP elements which these recently added battle pass and bazaar items have broken the flow of gameplay and actually hinder it. This is not good when gameplay is effected when a service being provided has caused it. There are other ways to offer this service without it effecting gameplay.

And you can absolutely debate an opinion without annotating negative connotations towards the person behind them. You break down the argument. It’s really not that hard, like I did above. I did not say you were ‘whining’. I did not say you were entitled. It’s not about ‘being offended’. It’s about arguing with someone that thinks insults are okay only leads down a crappy road. It shows the person insulting has little regard on the topic, and really has no good reason to be there.

It doesn’t matter that the goods are digital items. So are movies and music. Ever heard of digital piracy? You can’t pay for music than give your mates a copy without breaking laws. How are digital items in a game any different? I did break down the argument. You want shit for free, and you want to buy shit and give it to your mates for free :man_shrugging: that’s your whole stance. I think that’s entitled. That’s not insulting unless of course you do feel like you should be entitled to take a product that someone has spent time and money on and basically give it away for free. As for running your own business I only stated it because what your’e asking for is against every business model except a non for profit organisation ever. It was not meant as an insult.

Yes, you pay for movies and music, but you can still share movies and music with your friends. You can invite them over and watch a movie you bought with them. You can offer your earbuds or even bluetooth to their device so they too can listen to it. I can share my Steam library with my friends or let them play on my computer for games that I own. It’s the same thing with the digital license for these items. Keeping someone from mounting my horse is like keeping someone from entering my house because I’m watching a movie they didn’t pay for.

(Not to mention the whole bazaar and battlepass system is gross for creators as people work hard to make those things, and it’s only offered and available sometimes, or once and then never again. The old DLC system was much better, but that’s a whole new topic.)

But you’re not asking for your mates to be able to come to your room and watch you use these items. You’re asking for them to be able to use it in their own home independent of your presence. Bottom line is that funcom don’t sell clan based items. They sell to an individual and that’s why they are locked to your individual account. You can jump on someone else’s battlepass horse if you’ve paid for and unlocked the same thing as they have which is my entire point. Sorry if you feel I insulted you but I just don’t share your point of view. If I want something I’m happy to pay for it. If I don’t want to pay for it I have to sit on the sidelines and watch the people that have paid for it enjoy what their money got them. We going in circles I apologise if I’ve offended you I didn’t set out to do that I just can’t see it from your point of view.

In a similar way to the way I share my movies, games, and music, I’d be able to share my items. To me, I believe the system would be beneficial for it to be the rights to craft the item. The solution I’m offering isn’t just giving people these items for their own free use. Just like any knowledge, they require the person who knows it to make it, and repair it. This means that even if you are someone who is able to borrow something, you’d still benefit more from owning a pack as you’d be able to make and repair it yourself, and even use it on your own time. Not only that, being able to temporarily use it means you get to see and feel what it’s like and if it’s worth buying it for you. Means more sales. To me, this fixes the gameplay flow issues, and potentially makes more money for Funcom. It’s no secret that big corporations aren’t exactly savvy to what consumers want out of games. They see other big companies try something new and become wildly successful, and they get greedy and implement it in their own products in a way that actually is a lot worse than the original. Games like Halo Infinite and Fallout 76 got huge flack for the way they implemented their stores and battlepasses being incredibly predatory. Just take a good look at Overwatch and the huge backfire they got for removing their old system and implementing the one similar to this one. But… Again, that’s a different topic. I only offer what I think could get things back towards the status quo.

I appreciate the apology. I may have gotten a little heated too which may have influenced what I said, so I too apologize. It’s okay that we don’t share similar views. The point of a debate is to work on changing those views, but even if they don’t change, we can both walk away knowing more about another person, and potentially learning more about what another side of an opinion thinks.

thread number 99 about blocked paywall skins (loot)… check other pages lads, 85% people are against it, but probably, this is the way now :sneezing_face:

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